When Do I Need Toy Insurance in Harrisburg?

As a toy store operator, you will be responsible for more than just your inventory. Because you are selling to people of all ages, the state of Pennsylvania expects you to be responsible for the well-being of the people on your premises.

These people often include young children who can create accidents unexpectedly. The protection mechanism that you have is insurance specific to toy stores. Let’s take a look at what kind of coverage or business needs in order to remain in compliance with state law, local ordinance and good business practices.

  • General liability – This is a basic type of policy that will protect your business against personal injury and liability if someone is injured by your toys inside of your store. Additionally, you get coverage against completed operations, so you have protection against missing pieces inside of toy packages that may cause a malfunction and injury.
  • Commercial auto insurance – If you are using a vehicle for your toy store for any reason, then you definitely need business auto insurance. This is especially true if you’re using your vehicle to make deliveries or pick up supplies. You may even need commercial auto insurance if you drop off bank deposits with the same car every day.
  • Business property insurance – You must also get a separate policy for the physical store that is housing your toys. If something causes damage to the store itself, this is not covered by any sort of personal or business liability insurance. You also get coverage from inclement weather or other unforeseen events that could damage your infrastructure.

The Henderson Insurance Agency provides the community of Harrisburg, PA and surrounding areas with toy insurance. Give their dedicated experts a call when you are ready to protect your toy business.