What Condo Insurance Covers

Even though your Harrisburg, PA condominium’s housing association has their own insurance, it doesn’t cover all aspects of your condo. You could find yourself having to replace your possessions out of pocket if something should happen to them. Or even worse, you could find yourself owing the association for an event that happened as a result of something you did or your negligence. That’s where Henderson Insurance Agency can help.   

1. Your Property  

Unless an incident happens that was the association’s fault or that the association covers, all of your possessions inside of your condo are at risk. To protect your possessions, you need condo insurance. You should assess the values of what you own–taking depreciation into consideration–of your property to determine how much you need.  

2. Liability Claims 

If somebody gets injured on your property, you’re at fault. You need condo insurance that will cover in the event somebody gets hurt and can’t work, needs medical attention or is in serious pain and discomfort. By having liability coverage, these expenses are taken care of, so the person can’t personally sue you. Liability insurance also covers if you should happen to damage another person’s property.  

3. Damage You Do 

You might accidentally put a hammer through the wall of your condo when you’re hanging up a picture frame. By having condo insurance from a Harrisburg, PA insurance company, you’ll be able to fix the damage, so your property looks as it originally did. This is especially vital if you should happen to move because anything you do damage harms the value of your home, and the housing association may require you to keep your condo looking a certain way. 

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