What are the latest safety features for automobiles?

Modern technology has created safety features for automobiles that go beyond seat belts and air bags. Consumer Reports lists a few of the technological enhancements that can make you safer behind the wheel.

Some of the new features protect you from obstructions that suddenly appear ahead of you. Forward collision warning will alert you if you are about to hit something ahead of you. Even better, automatic braking will stop your car before you hit something.

Adaptive cruise control systems use a suite of sensors such as lasers, optical systems, and radar to keep your vehicle maintaining a safe distance from the car ahead of you. Combined with a lane-keeping assistance system, the feature can be very useful in stop and go traffic.

When you are shifting lanes, a blind spot warning system will alert you if another vehicle is in the lane where you are headed but has not yet appeared in your side mirror. Another enhancement will steer your car back to the center of your lane if shifting lanes will result in a collision. A lane departure warning will alert you if you are trying to shift lanes without activating your turn signal. Some systems will even turn your steering wheel to get you back in the center of your lane.

When you are backing up, a number of safety features are available to help prevent an accident. An alert system will warn you if you are backing from a particular parking spot and are about to hit another car or a pedestrian. Some cars come with rear-pointing cameras so you can see where you are going without turning your head.

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