Washing Your Car Is More Than Just Keeping it Looking Clean

Washing your vehicle is a great way to maintain that showroom shine. However, keeping your vehicle washed is more than just showing off the paint job. There are more important benefits to washing the vehicle. At Henderson Insurance Agency, we want your vehicle to last as long as possible, which is why we recommend washing your vehicle. Removing the grit and grime of everyday driving in and around Harrisburg, PA is important for the look, but it is important for several other reasons as well. 

Avoid Rust

Living in Pennsylvania, you drive through snow, ice and the salt used to rid streets of both. All three of these materials deteriorate the metal of your vehicle faster than anything else on the road. The oxidation process of moisture and sodium breaks down the metal of not only the body panels but the underside of your vehicle as well. Once the vehicle starts to rust, you can’t turn back the clock. Permanent damage has already occurred. By washing your vehicle on a regular basis, you’ll avoid the development of rust. 

Prevent Sun Fading

In the summer months, extended, direct sunlight can cause damage to the appearance of your vehicle’s paint. This includes fading, washed out panels and even the eventual breakdown and removal of the paint altogether. By washing and waxing your vehicle, you help reflect harmful solar radiation. This in turn extends the life of your vehicle’s paint job, no matter the make or model. 

Avoid Corrosion

This takes place around the wheel wells of your vehicle. Wheels can start to deteriorate (especially higher-end aluminum wheels) while moisture and debris can collect on the interior of the well as well, which leaks to break issues, shock problems and again rust development in the hard to reach places. It is why washing your vehicle on a regular basis is a must.