It’s Time for Your Car’s Checkup

Autumn is here, and so is the checkup season. Children in Harrisburg, PA, need shots for school and physicals to participate in school sports, and both adults and children should get flu shots. Similarly, cars should be given a checkup to make sure they’re ready for the coming winter.

Your Car’s Checkup

If you own a car and have spent at least one year in Harrisburg, you know first-hand how rough Pennsylvania’s winters can be on automobiles. To make sure your car is up for the coming snow, ice and salt give it a comprehensive checkup. You should:

  • check its oil and fluids
  • check its tires and brakes
  • check its lights
  • check its insurance policy

The final item on this list, checking your car’s insurance, might not seem to fit. However, checking your insurance policy is just as important as getting your car tuned-up. Just as your car needs an inspection, it also needs to have the state’s minimum levels of insurance coverage. Also, just as you likely want to take care of maintenance items that aren’t included in an inspection, you probably want insurance coverages that go beyond Pennsylvania’s requirements.

Our Insurance Agents

At Henderson Insurance Agency, our agents can’t help you too much with automotive care. We can make sure your auto insurance policy meets your needs, though. We’ll be glad to explain the state’s minimum coverages and help you determine what other coverages you should have. Once you know what you want in an insurance policy, we can quickly find you an affordable one with those protections.

To contact our insurance agents, simply send us a message online. You can email us at any time, and we’ll respond as soon as we’re in the office.