The History Of Workers Compensation

Henderson Insurance Agency Harrisburg, PA helps worker’s through providing Workers Compensation insurance. Before the steam engine, electric lights and smokestack companies was a world of agriculture, represented by farmers tilling millions of miles of crops. The advances in agriculture became the agrarian revolution which changed forever farming bringing technological advances to the farm, such as crop rotation, and mechanical seeders and from the agrarian revolution was born the industrial revolution.

The industrial revolution not only advanced a highly technological society to such feats as landing on the moon, but it has resulted in causing horrific injuries to its workers. Taking care of worker’s injuries has its historical roots in antiquity, from ancient Sumeria, in  2050 B.C to the code of Hammurabi were workers were compensated for their injuries. 

In the Western world, the legal system was tapped to prosecute thousands of injury claims against companies whose workers were injured performing work on behalf of their employers. These lawsuits dramatically weighted down the court system and those injured had to wait months to be compensated but only if they won their lawsuits against their employers.

Fourteen states and territories, by 1893, had passed worker’s safety legislation. The majority of states had the same law, now called Worker’s Compensation by 1917. The Worker’s Compensation system had hearings and not trials, but the injured person still had to provide the proof that his or she injury was a result of working on the job.

 Instead of waiting months to receive any monetary compensation, the compensation was, for the most part, a certainty, but not as much as a jury award. Also, limits were placed on the amount of compensation and the length of receiving compensation in the future. As a trade off for receiving timely compensation the worker had to give up their rights to bring any lawsuit against his or her employer. Henderson Insurance Agency Harrisburg, PA provides coverage to protect workers. Please call an inquire about other types of insurance coverage!