Safe Driving Habits You Might Not Know About

Like everything else in life, safe driving habits evolve with the change in technology and driving conditions. No matter when you took driver’s educational courses and received your license for the first time, recommended driving safety habits have likely changed. Due to this, there likely are a few tips you have never heard before. At Henderson Insurance Agency, we want to make sure you stay on top of the very best driving habits, so you, your family and the driver’s around you are always safe, no matter if you are around Harrisburg, PA or anywhere else in the world. 

How You Turn Matters

Stop and think about how you turn your wheel. Chances are it is just second nature to you. However, take notice the next time you are in your vehicle. Do you practice the old hand over hand technique? Maybe you palm the wheel with one hand. If you do one of these, you’re putting yourself in danger. As nearly all vehicles now come with a standard driver’s airbag, should your airbag deploy while in the midst of a turn, the impact of the airbag will force your hand away from the wheel, cutting off your control of the vehicle. It also may cause injury between your hand and your face. Instead, you want your turning direction hand to pull (right hand for turning right, left hand for turning left) and the opposite hand to push the wheel. This keeps the middle of the wheel free of obstructions. 

Don’t Brake in a Blowout

Your tire blows so naturally you’ll want to stop the car as quickly as possible. However, your car no longer has traction, which can sent you into a tailspin around the now limp tire. Instead, coast over to the side of the road. This ensure you remain in control over the vehicle.