Data Breach Insurance: 3 Protections to Reduce Business Exposure

The recent 2014 Pennsylvania SBDC Small Business Growth Forum held in November, highlighted significant changes affecting businesses. From social media strategies to manufacturing innovations, there are many ways to grow and secure your business.

One area to focus on when you are considering how to increase your business’ chances of success is protecting your data. After the recent attacks on Home Depot, eBay, and Target, businesses must do more to ensure that they are protected from data breaches and cyber-attacks. The following are three ways you can protect your business and your customers with data breach insurance.

Identity Theft Protection

Your electronics store sensitive information about your customers. If you experience a data breach, informing your customers with notices and public relations appearances, and all the legal fees associated with cleaning up the damage from the breach can be costly. However, with the right data breach insurance coverage, your business will not have to pay all of the costs.

Network Interruption

Many cyber-attacks slow your network and impede business operations. This can be costly and result in a loss of revenue. Your data breach protection plans can cover this type of loss in revenue. We can discuss your options for data breach insurance when you call our insurance company.

Computer Forensics

If your business is the victim of a cyber-attack, it is important to investigate how it happened in order to block future attempts at your system. Computer forensics is another service often covered by data breach insurance since we do not want your business to be exposed in the future.

As your insurance company, we are your partner. We want to make sure that you take every precaution to protect your business from cyber-attacks, and any other risks that expose your business. With a simple call, you can learn more about all of the business insurance products we offer to protect your business.