What Does ATV Insurance Cover?

ATV insurance works similarly to auto insurance. Since there are risks, just like with driving a car, ATV insurance helps cover the costs of these risks. In Harrisburg, PA ATV insurance is required.

Liability Coverage

This coverage will protect you if you get into an accident on your ATV and you are at fault. This will help pay for the other person’s medical bills, along with damage to your property.

Collision and Comprehensive Coverage

Collision coverage will help pay for repairs or to replace the ATV if you get into an accident, even if it’s just with yourself. For example, if you hit a tree and flip your own ride, you are covered under collision insurance. Comprehensive coverage will help pay for damages or replacement for non-accident related damages, such as fire, theft, or a falling tree branch. You can choose to receive actual cash value, so you if you have to completely replace your ATV you can get the actual value minus your deductible.

There is optional coverage if you want more protection. Just like with auto insurance, you can choose to have uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage, in case you get into a crash with another driver who doesn’t ATV insurance or insufficient coverage. Medical payments coverage will help pay for your medical bills, should you get into an accident. If you transport your ATV in a trailer, you may want a transport trailer for physical damage coverage.

How you use your ATV can help determine how much coverage you should get. If you use it in the backwoods where there are trees that can obstruct the view, you may want more coverage because it’s easier to get into an accident. You also want enough liability coverage to protect your assets and figure out how much risk you take while driving. An agent at Henderson Insurance Agency can help determine your risk.

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Marine Life Damaged My Boat: Does Boat Insurance Cover It?

Marine life can damage your boat in a number of ways. If you hit a large animal unexpectedly, like a manatee, dolphin or shark, there can be dents to your boat or damage to the propellor. Other types of marine life, such as mussels, can attach themselves to different parts of the boat, clogging pipes and engine parts. Here at Henderson Insurance Agency, serving the greater Harrisburg, PA area, we are often asked if these types of incidents are covered by boat insurance. Here is the answer. 

In most cases, boat insurance will not cover your boat if it has been damaged by sea or marine life. The reason for this is that it is your responsibility to look out for marine life while you are boating. It is also your responsibility to thoroughly clean and maintain your boat. By doing both of these things, you should be able to naturally decrease the chances of either of these incidents occurring. 

The exception to the rule is if your boat is being docked in an area where items such as mussels have been shown to be highly invasive. Some insurance companies will sell supplemental insurance policies specifically to cover your boat when it is being docked or used in these invasive waters. If this is the scenario you are facing, contact your preferred insurance company today to discuss supplement insurance availability and getting the cover you need. 

If you are in need of boat insurance in the greater Harrisburg, PA area, Henderson Insurance Agency can help you. Contact us today to discuss your needs and to get a quote. 

Does my car insurance cover my motorcycle?

If you own both a vehicle and motorcycle, you may be tempted to believe that your auto insurance will offer coverage when you are involved in an accident while using your motorbike. After all, your auto insurance offers protection if you drive someone else’s car or a rental vehicle, so why wouldn’t it cover you when you use your motorcycle?  This assumption is extremely misplaced and will make you incur more expenses than expected.

Your car insurance doesn’t cover you when you get into an accident on your motorbike

It’s essential to get a separate insurance plan for your motorcycle from an insurance company like Henderson Insurance Agency in Harrisburg, PA. The policy should offer protection for the motorcycle and any rider who may use it. This coverage is essential because it will cover damages to the bike and injuries you may incur after an accident.

Motorcycle insurance offers different coverages compared to car insurance

Even though motorcycle insurance may not be required in some states, this doesn’t mean that it’s not essential. According to statistics, an accident between a motorcycle and a car will likely cause damages and injuries to the motorcycle rider. So, you need a plan that will cover the bike from damages and pay your medical expenses, including the days you will spend away from work while recovering.

Some insurers provide motorcycle endorsements on the regular car insurance policy, but this has to be bought separately. Nevertheless, you need to be careful about these endorsements because they are limited and don’t offer adequate coverage like stand-alone motorcycle insurance policies.

Consider getting a motorcycle policy that provides liability, comprehensive, collision, or medical payment coverages. You can also add other services like gap coverage, towing service, and replacement of personal property.

For more information on motorcycle insurance in Harrisburg, PA, be sure to contact Henderson Insurance Agency.


Benefits of Rental Dwelling Insurance

When you decide to rent out your Harrisburg, PA home, you need an insurance policy that will protect you from every possible scenario you may face, including liability claims, damages, theft, loss of income, etc. Rental dwelling insurance treats your property as a business; therefore, it provides extra protection that standard homeowners/renters insurance cannot cover. Since every rental situation is different, Henderson Insurance Agency offers customized rental dwelling insurance policies that suit every client’s needs.
Rental dwelling insurance covers most of the risks covered by the standard home insurance. However, it offers extra liability coverage and caters for loss of income. Some of the benefits of rental dwelling insurance include:
Protecting Your Investment
When you decide to rent your property, you are putting part of your investment in the hands of others. Rental dwelling insurance assures you that your investment is protected from any unknown risks.
Continuous Source of Income
If your tenant breaks the rental agreement and stops paying rent, this policy will ensure you continue receiving rent. It also covers loss of income as you wait for your property to be repaired from a covered loss.
Quick Repairs to your Property
In case of damages from a covered risk, this policy will cater for all the necessary cost of repair/replacement, including all the expenses that you may incur during this process such as additional costs of living.
Flexible Payment Options
You may decide to rent your property either for a short or long period of time. Rental dwelling insurance offers flexible payment options that will fit every budget and need.
You never know what might happen during the time a tenant stays on your property. Talk to an agent at Henderson Insurance Agency to help you understand what risks your Harrisburg, PA property may face. For more information on rental dwelling insurance, contact us today.

Do I Really Need Renters Insurance?

Simply put, yes!  Renters insurance has a low-cost premium, but should something happen, the coverage for your personal possessions can be significant to you.  Most mortgage lenders require homeowners to obtain homeowners insurance to protect their investment in the property should it be damaged or destroyed.  While renters do not have the responsibility for a physical structure where they live, they do have valuables and personal items they need to protect.  Even if your landlord does not require a proof of renter’s insurances, it’s wise to consider obtaining the coverage.  The team at Henderson Insurance Agency works with renters in the Harrisburg, PA area to get quality coverage.  There are a variety of options available, so they will work with you to find the policy that meets your situation.  

While renters’ insurance covers the contents of your apartment, there are additional benefits to retaining appropriate coverage.  For instance, if there is an event where you are unable to stay in your apartment for a time, some policies provide funds to cover hotel and meal expenses until you are able to return.   The policy will cover items that are damaged or destroyed in the apartment, but some policies will go further and provide coverage for the same item if it is damaged outside of the home.  For instance, if your laptop is stolen from the library, it may still be covered under your renters’ insurance policy.  Lastly, personal liability insurance is also available through a renters’ insurance policy.  This covers any damages or injuries to another person who is visiting your apartment.  

The agents at Henderson Insurance Agency know the wide variety of renters’ insurance policies available in the marketplace today.  They work with renters in the Harrisburg, PA area to get the best coverage.  Call today!

FEMA Flood Maps Have a Big Impact on Rebuilding

Being right next to the ocean, Harrisburg, PA is prone to be drenched once in a while. And, depending on where one’s home is situated in town, that can be mean flooding of a property. A key factor to keep in mind for any neighborhood that has exposure to the water line or nearby creeks and rivers is the Federal Emergency Management Agency or FEMA. This federal entity is a key player in creating flood maps for communities and regions by which flood insurance and rates are then calculated for residential and commercial properties.

In recent years FEMA has been reevaluating its flood maps and changing risk ratings. That, in turn, can cause big changes to how coverage is assessed or create restrictions on any new value building in the area. For existing homeowners in Harrisburg, PA this might not seem like a problem. However, if a FEMA map reevaluation is put into play, it could limit the ability to rebuild a home if for example it was damaged by a house fire. According to cases the staff at Henderson Insurance Agency have seen nationally, the FEMA building restriction is not just on new buildings and properties; it can affect the rebuilding of existing ones as well over a certain dollar value. And that can be quite a surprise and shock after a home damage problem occurs and one is assuming it will be rebuilt to status quo with home insurance.

To find out if your home is affected by FEMA map reevaluation activity or sits in a flood zone per FEMA mapping, talk with the folks at Henderson Insurance Agency. Their expert staff can walk through the intricacies of how the mapping process works and how it translates to coverage. Give them a call to find out more.

How to Determine How Much Condo Insurance Coverage You Need

So you have purchased the condo that you have had your eye on or you have been living there for some time and just want to know how to best protect your investment. The one thing that people always think about is getting condo insurance for their condo in Harrisburg, PA but the problem is that they are never sure how much coverage they actually need. This can be confusing if you do not work with insurance frequently like we do here at Henderson Insurance Agency so use the below tips to make sure you have the right amount of coverage. 

First, you want to make sure that you at least have enough coverage that is equal to the value of the condo. However, as you likely know, the value of a condo can fluctuate with the market and you want to make sure that you always have the right amount of coverage. To do this, we recommend getting a little bit extra in terms of coverage for the value of the property. We also recommend that you take a look at the value of the condo every few years to make sure you have the proper amount of coverage. You may also want to look at it when the market is hot or when it is cold to make sure you are properly covered in case the value went up. 

If you do not have condo insurance currently for your condo or you are not sure if you have the right amount, be sure to reach out to us here at Henderson Insurance Agency, serving Harrisburg, PA, so we can help you. We can take a look at your current coverage or even get you a free quote for coverage. 

Is Renters Insurance Required in Pennsylvania?

The Oregon housing market is booming, and with this comes increasingly stringent laws on both renters and landlords. As a person renting a house or apartment in the Harrisburg, PA area, you may have already heard of renters insurance. But is it required in Pennsylvania? Well, the answer is actually more complicated than it may appear. Henderson Insurance Agency offers renters insurance in the Astoria area, as well as important advice on this subject. Here’s what you need to know:

Renters Insurance is Not Required Under State Law, But That Doesn’t Mean It Isn’t Mandatory

Sound confusing? At face value, it is. But the most simple explanation for this is that while the state does not legally require it, landlords and property management companies certainly can. So, you must talk with your potential landlord and read the lease agreement closely before signing to know what you are personally required to do. In most cases where renters insurance is required, it is just as a means of protecting the property value, the renter, the landlord and any adjoining neighbors in the event of severe damage or events like a fire. 

Landlords Must Still Adhere to Legal Restrictions When Mandating Renters Insurance

Landlords do not have all the power here. For example, they cannot just come up with minimum coverage requirements that renters are unable to afford. In Pennsylvania, the coverage amount may not exceed the amount that other rentals in the area with similar values are insured for, or simply $100,000 (this is per occurrence), whichever amount ends up being higher. Landlords must also let rental applicants know in writing before the lease is signed that they intend to require a renters insurance policy. If the lease is already in effect, it is possible for the landlord to amend it to require renters insurance, but they must give the tenant at least 30 days notice. 

If you are a tenant or a landlord in the Harrisburg, PA area and wish to learn more about renters insurance, contact Henderson Insurance Agency today. 

Is Renters Insurance Similar to Homeowners Insurance?

Just like a homeowner, a renter or landlord will likely want to have insurance to cover their assets and liabilities. What may not be so obvious is the difference in coverage between the two types of plans in Harrisburg, PA. This article will go over the similarities and what to expect with purchasing renters insurance. If you are in the market for something affordable, Henderson Insurance Agency is worth consulting with.

As expected, renters insurance is designed for occupants of a property that they do not own. The main difference to consider is that homeowners insurance centers around covering the actual structure while renters insurance has a focus on what goes on inside with the tenants. Keep in mind, while the owner is likely to have homeowners insurance, the renter will need their own renter’s insurance to cover themselves. Since the renter has much less to cover than the owner, this type of insurance is significantly cheaper than homeowner’s insurance.

Personal property is always covered by renters insurance but there are always limitations. For example, an insurance policy may specify the limitations of losses of collectibles or jewelry up to a certain dollar amount. Things like fixtures, furniture, and damage to indoor plumbing may also be included in some policies.

Now that you know the difference between these two forms of insurance, you may make an informed purchase. It is not obligatory to have renters insurance in Harrisburg, PA, but it is always a good idea if you invested a significant amount in the belongings that you keep in your rental property. If you would like to get a quote, consider Henderson Insurance Agency to see if they have a price that is right for you.

Do I need to have life insurance in Harrisburg, PA?

Life insurance is not something that is something legally required in the state of Pennsylvania, but it is essential if you are supporting a family. Think of it as a replacement for your income if you die and are the breadwinner for the household. If you are looking around for a good deal on life insurance in the Harrisburg, PA area, consider giving Henderson Insurance Agency a call.

There are different types of life insurance plans that you can consider. With whole life insurance, you may keep your assets covered for your entire lifespan until death. With term life insurance, you may keep yourself covered within a specified time frame. Endowment life insurance will pay out if you reach a certain age so that you do not have to wait for death.

Is it a good idea to keep life insurance after your kids become adults?

If you are still with your dependent spouse long after the kids move away, it may still be a good idea to keep the life insurance plan. If your spouse would otherwise depend on a modest social security check with few assets left behind, the payout from life insurance can be life-saving. Of course, you must assess the costs and the assets being left behind in your current situation.

In most cases, families will want the primary income earner to have life insurance in case of the unexpected. Life insurance has a lot of variances depending on your current living situation so things must be assessed carefully. If you are interested in a decent life insurance policy, consider checking the rates with Henderson Insurance Agency.