What You Need To Know About Garage Liability When Buying Auto Insurance

Garage liability is something you may need to explore when you are buying auto insurance in Harrisburg, PA. Garage insurance is designed if you own a car dealership or garage. It will help you to have liability involving claims that come from customers when their vehicle is damaged while on your property.

As you explore auto insurance and more specifically garage liability, you will want to look at both garage liability as well as garage operations.

Garage liability provides coverage for property damage and bodily injury as a result of operations of a covered vehicle. This is not a vehicle that is held in inventory, such as a car on a sales lot or a tow truck. Garage operations insurance provides coverage from garage operations that is other than that of ownership, usage, or maintenance.

It’s important that you have the right kind of insurance. If you’re not sure of what you need, one of our agents at Henderson Insurance Agency can walk you through the options. Many people assume that they only need auto insurance. However, you are actually looking for protection on vehicles that are owned by your customers, not by you.

For this reason, you need garage liability insurance. You may be driving a person’s vehicle to provide service. It may also become damaged while you are providing maintenance. When someone makes a claim against you, it is this coverage that will provide you with financial protection. Without it, you could spend a lot of money – and this could have a negative effect on the finances of your business, sometimes to the point of bankruptcy.

Learn more about garage liability in Harrisburg by calling one of our independent agents at Henderson Insurance Agency. We are standing by to answer your questions and can help you to find quotes from multiple insurance companies.