Keep Your Friends and Family Safe This Winter

Winter weather can put you, your friends, and family in danger of injuries in and around your home in Harrisburg, PA. Slippery sidewalks and icy steps cause numerous falls when left untreated. The agents at Henderson Insurance Agency encourage you to take precautions to help prevent injuries. Cold weather can even affect people in the home. Infants and older adults have more difficulty maintaining their body temperature, so can fall prey to hypothermia inside if the temperature drops at night. 

5 Tips to Prevent Common Winter Weather Related Injuries Around Your Home:

1. Stock up on ice melt products. Rock salt is the standard, but there are plenty of environmentally friendly ice melt products available too. Make sure steps and porches are treated, along with walkways.  

2. Sand, dirt, and kitty litter are often used for traction on icy surfaces when temps keep ice melt products from keeping the ice at bay. 

3. Keep gutters and roofs clear and in good repair so snow and rain can run off easily. Allowing snow to build up on roofs can cause injuries if it falls off at the wrong moment.

4. Limit outdoor time to prevent frostbite and hypothermia. Wear hats, mittens, boots, and coats to minimize exposure and hold in body heat.

5. Maintain a viable, well-vented heat source. Infants and older adults are particularly susceptible to colder temperatures. Infants cannot shiver yet to raise their internal temps and as we age, our metabolism slows, so our bodies make less heat. It is important to monitor temperatures in your home to keep your friends and family safe. 

Heat your Harrisburg, PA home wisely. A carbon monoxide detector is an investment worth its weight in gold. Many sources of heat or electricity could be potential sources of carbon monoxide in the home. Generators, gas ranges and stoves, or even burning wood can produce dangerous levels of CO when not properly vented. Our knowledgeable agents at Henderson Insurance Agency can answer questions about safe winter weather choices.