Is it Better to Pay For Small Repairs Or Risk A Higher Insurance Rate?

The Henderson Insurance Agency, of Harrisburg PA – Now How Do You Think We Would Answer That Question? 

If you ask your insurance agent the question posed in this article’s title what do you think your agents answer will be? That’s right – you guessed it – a resounding "no". 

Let’s define small repair. A small repair that is not the result of an accident is usually not something that you would consider speaking with your agent about. New brakes, a busted thermostat or even the need for a rebuilt transmission does not create the impetus to call your agent.
When it comes to calling your insurance agent we are looking for repairs that occur as the result of an accident.

It is not a notion foreign to the residents of Harrisburg, PA or anywhere in the USA to fix the fender bender without calling in the claim to your insurance company whether you are at fault for the accident or not. We want you to think of your agents here at Henderson Insurance Agency as people just like you. Contacting us with the small repair that may be the result of a fender bender is a good idea.

The owner or operator of the other vehicle may decide to call their insurance company and may get an opportunity to give a different spin on the circumstances of the accident. It is always best practices to call the police, get a report and call your insurance agency as soon as possible. 

We can discuss with you the best course of action. We can help you best decide how to get the repair done so that you don’t leave yourself vulnerable. Letting your agent know is just part of staying on track.