If Only They’d Had Rental Insurance: 5 Disasters That Could Have Been Avoided

Too often renters don’t think about protecting themselves and their property with insurance. They make the mistake of thinking it’s just for homeowners. They don’t ask themselves what will happen should there be an accident or other problem. They assume the landlord is responsible for most situations — and find out they aren’t. Renters laws in Harrisburg, PA protect tenants in a variety of situations, however these are limited, so extra protection is essential.

Here are some situations where renters insurance could have spared someone a lot of headache and loss.

1.  A cooking experiment goes very wrong and damages the stove and cabinets. The cost of repairs is a couple thousand dollars. You don’t have it. Renter’s insurance could have helped.

2. A guest injures themselves while barbecuing on your patio. You assume the landlord is responsible — turns out they aren’t. The guest’s insurance comes after you. Renter’s insurance would have helped.

3. Your home gets broken into and vandalized. You lose your television, computer, camera equipment, etc. You do the calculations and realize that it will cost nearly $5,000 to replace what’s been lost. You don’t have $5,000. Renters insurance would cover it.

4. Water damage not only makes your home unlivable, it also ruins your furniture, some electronic equipment and clothing. While the landlord will cover the cost of a hotel, they won’t cover the cost of a new couch, chair, area rugs, bookshelves and other items that were ruined. Renters insurance would cover these costs.

5. While the landlord’s insurance has covered the costs of your hotel while the damage in your apartment is being repaired, you find that you are spending an excess of money on restaurants because you can’t prepare your own food. The landlord says too bad. Guess what? Your renters insurance can help.

Years may go by and you don’t have any problems with injury, property damage or theft. But what happens if you do? Are you prepared to shell out thousands of dollars with no warning? Contact your Henderson Insurance Agency today, and learn more about renters insurance.