How to Take Care of Your Friends Car?

So your friend has been kind enough to let you borrow their vehicle for a time. You need to treat the vehicle with respect and make sure you give it back in the same, if not better condition than when you first borrowed it. At Henderson Insurance Agency, we understand the importance of both taking care of your car and of friendship. It is why we want to make sure you take care of you friend’s car in Harrisburg or anywhere else you might be. 

Food and Drink

Make sure to ask your friend if this is alright. Some people simply don’t like food and beverages inside of the vehicle. If they are alright with it, make sure to clean it up and toss out the trash when you’re done. You should probably avoid anything messy to cut out the chance of spilling. 


Ask what kind of fuel your friend’s vehicle uses. Chances are, it is unleaded, although there are some other kinds of gas out there. A few do require diesel while a higher performance vehicle might require a premium fuel with higher octane level. Always return the vehicle back with a full tank of gas. There is nothing worse than climbing back into the vehicle, only to find the gas tank is empty. 

Wash the Car

A car wash is pretty quick and easy. You can run through an automatic car wash for a few bucks and it helps bring out the shine. It also shows you appreciate using the vehicle. It only takes a few minutes of your time and a few dollars out of your pocket, but it is greatly appreciated by your friend. It also will make it more likely they let you borrow the vehicle in the future.