Types of Commercial Insurance in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Commercial insurance is designed to address the needs of businesses and companies. When you are looking for Pennsylvania commercial insurance, it helps to understand the types of plans that are available and the policies that may be best for your company goals and plans for the future.

Liability Protection

A liability plan can take many different forms, including coverage for defective products, injuries from an accident that takes place on company property or injuries from the actions of your employees.

The type of coverage that you need will depend on the business that you run and the concerns that may arise. You should obtain a general liability policy if you are not sure about the specific details, since it will protect against most situations. Professional liability may also be appropriate if you provide services that require customer data or any sensitive information.

Property Protection

Any time that your business owns property, you should obtain a property policy. Commercial property protection will help pay for any damages that happen after a fire, storm or similar problem and it can also help protect against the loss of income if you are waiting for repairs to a building. Interruption coverage may be part of the property policy or you may need to add it to the basic plan if you want to cover losses from the interruption of your business or normal company activities.

Worker’s Compensation

Any time that you have hired employees, you need to purchase a worker’s compensation policy. The amount of coverage will vary based on the company and services that you provide.

There are several types of Pennsylvania commercial insurance policies that are available. To learn more about the options or to find the right policy, contact us to talk to an agent today.