Frequently Asked Questions About Contractors Insurance

If you do any work as a contractor, it is highly recommended that you purchase contractors insurance. However, here at Henderson Insurance Agency, serving the greater Harrisburg, PA area, we have found that many contractors are unaware of this type of insurance. Here are a couple of the questions you may have about contractors insurance. 

What is Contractors Insurance?

No one is perfect. If you make mistakes as a contractor, you may cause additional damage to a home, which can add up to a lot of money. Contractors insurance helps to cover you in the event that you make mistakes that cause damage to a home or building, ensuring these mistakes do not financially destroy you. 

When Should You Purchase Contractors Insurance?

It is strongly recommended that anyone who is doing any contract work purchase contractors insurance. Even those who are working under the table can be sued if they make a mistake. This type of insurance helps to cover you regardless of whether you are a handyman doing small projects or a large contractor taking on full remodeling projects. 

Are You Legally Required to Carry Contractors Insurance?

In Pennsylvania, you are required to carry contractors insurance, liability insurance or have a bond if you are a licensed contractor. However, if you are not licensed or are completing projects that do not require you to carry a license for, you are not legally required to carry contractors insurance. 

If you are doing work as a contractor, now is the right time to look into purchasing a contractors insurance policy. Contact Henderson Insurance Agency, serving the greater Harrisburg, PA area, to get answers to any additional questions you may have or to buy a policy today.