Discounts On Auto Insurance For Harrisburg Students

When you live in Harrisburg, PA, you want to be sure that you can save on auto insurance. Policies may be more affordable than you think. Discounts are available as a student, and you will want to be sure you talk to an agent about all of the different discounts that you qualify for.

One of the first discounts you want to secure is that of the safe driver discount. If you have never been involved in an accident or have not received speeding tickets, your driving record is clean and therefore insurance companies are going to reward you for being safe on the road.

Another discount you want to consider is that of having good grades. This is typically having a GPA of 3.0 or higher, but it can vary from insurance company to company. If you can make the dean’s list or the honor roll, it may qualify you for even more discounts.

Yet another discount is for low mileage. If you are not on the roads for a large amount of time, insurance companies are going to view you as a lower risk. If you live on campus or nearby, you may not be spending a lot of time on the roads and therefore you may qualify for discounts.

Finally, you want to work on a discount for defensive driving. There are courses that you can take – and the courses last approximately 5 hours. This can be some of the best use of time if you can provide proof of taking the course. It is worth approximately a 10 percent discount from the insurance company if you can prove that you have completed the course.

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