Common Myths about Home Insurance

Whether living in Harrisburg, PA or other places within the US,  there are various common myths about home insurance. And even though each state has their guidelines for home insurance coverage options, people all over the country have the same misconceptions concerning what their home insurance coverage will cover. Having said that, the following are common myths that are really important to know when it comes to home insurance:

  1. Replacement cost- it’s vital to know the details of how much the insurance will cover for losses.
  2. Loss of use coverage- some coverage won’t pay for lodging/food while the home is being repaired, or the coverage amount and time may be limited.
  3. Insurance coverage must be lowered, to lower the insurance premium.
  4. Flood coverage- floods are not covered and must be purchased.
  5. Premium costs raise every time a claim is filed.
  6. Termites- sometimes, termites are not covered in some home insurance coverage.
  7. All valuables are covered through home insurance- it’s sometimes assumed that medicine and expensive items, like jewelry, are covered.
  8. Valuation of loss- sometimes coverage is limited to a certain amount.
  9. In the case of injury, medical costs are covered.
  10. It’s a waste of time in making an inventory list- it’s vital in case you can’t recall all that is lost due to a calamity.


If living in Harrisburg, PA or various areas in Pennsylvania, it’s crucial to contact trustworthy insurance experts within that area to assist you with your home insurance, flood,  add-ons, and other insurance needs for adequate coverage. One thing for sure, you don’t want to think something is covered after a calamity, just to find out otherwise. That type of situation could leave you in dire financial straights.

Contact Henderson Insurance Agency today. Their insurance agents have been experts in this field for Harrisburg, PA and surrounding areas for several years.  With them, you are in trusted hands, and you will have peace of mind in knowing that you are adequately covered when the unpredictable erupts.