Why should someone in Harrisburg get health insurance?

Those that are in the Harrisburg, PA area will have some important insurance needs to carry at all times. An important form of coverage that all need to have at all times is health insurance. You should get a health insurance plan in this area for a few reasons. 

Receive Access to Preventative Care

Having health insurance will encourage you to receive preventative healthcare. This includes going to see a physician when necessary and receiving prescriptions for health concerns. If you do not have health insurance, you may not have the same access to this regular care that could then lead to a variety of different health risks. 

More Affordable Major Care

You should also get a health insurance plan so you can have access to affordable care for major procedures. If you are ever ill or hurt, you may need a surgical operation. If you do not have coverage, the cost can be significant. With health insurance, your personal costs will be far less.

Legal Requirement

People should also get a health insurance plan to ensure they are in compliance with the law. All people in the country today need to have health insurance coverage at all times. If you do not maintain a plan, you could be penalized when filing your income taxes. 

Health insurance is very important and those that are in the Harrisburg, PA area need to spend time to choose the right plan. As there are a lot of options to consider, calling Henderson Insurance Agency can be helpful. When you do work with Henderson Insurance Agency, you can learn a lot about the value that the coverage provides. They can also help you choose a plan that will give the right coverage to meet your needs. 

Warm Up with Snowmobile Insurance in Harrisburg, PA

It is a little-known fact that your snowmobiles are not covered by your insurance. In the event of theft, neither homeowners’ nor renters’ insurance can cover the loss. And if there is any damage done to your snowmobile in an accident, auto insurance does not cover it.

To protect your outdoor toys for all ages, it is best to look for the proper insurance coverage. Here at the Henderson Insurance Agency, serving Harrisburg, PA area, we want to help you find the best insurance option for you and your recreational toys. So you can spend more time enjoying what you love, and less time worrying about what happens in the event of an accident or theft.

Perhaps you are wondering why you need insurance on snowmobiles. You have already invested a considerable sum in these vehicles, it is important to make sure that they are protected. If your snowmobile is stolen or damaged, you would have to bear the cost of repairs and replacements. Not to mention, if someone is injured by your snowmobile, without insurance you can be held liable for medical and legal expenses.

Consider all of those situations—theft, accident, and medical emergencies—and how often those situations can arise with a snowmobile. Having the proper insurance plan can mitigate those situations, making sure you are not paying those expenses out of pocket. At the Henderson Insurance Agency, you are never alone, and we take pride in keeping you and your belongings safe for another trip.

If you would like to learn more about our services and coverage options, please contact Henderson Insurance Agency, serving the Harrisburg PA area. We are happy to answer any insurance questions you may have and help you find the policy that is the right fit for you.

Is umbrella insurance needed in Harrisburg?

The Harrisburg, PA area continues to be a popular place for people to move to and live in. For those that live in this area, it is important that they maintain proper personal insurance coverage. A form of coverage that many people will need to get is umbrella insurance coverage, which is an additional form of personal liability coverage. There are several reason why it is important for people here to get an umbrella insurance plan.

Coverage Offers Additional Protection

Most people that live in Pennsylvania will have some personal liability coverage simply through their home or auto plans. This is often enough coverage to protect against most claims. However, if you are ever at fault for a very bad accident that results in serious damages, your liability could exceed your policy. When this happens, it will be helpful to have umbrella insurance as it will give you the coverage you need on top of your other insurance.

Coverage Provides Peace of Mind

For most residents in this state, home or auto plans will protect against the most likely situations that would result in a liability claim. However, there are always situations in which a claim could arise that is for a situation not covered by your insurance plans. An umbrella insurance plan will give you coverage for many situations that are less predictable, which can offer you peace of mind as well. 

You should get an umbrella insurance plan in the Harrisburg, PA area to take advantage of the additional protection it provides. The team with the Henderson Insurance Agency can offer you the support needed to assess your insurance needs. Henderson Insurance Agency will then give you guidance that can help you build or choose a plan that is ideal for your situation. 

Insuring Toys: What You Need to Know

Kids aren’t the only ones who love their toys. Now that you are all grown up, your recreational toys are an important part of how you have fun and spend time with your friends and family. The best way to keep the good time rolling is by making sure that those toys are properly insured. At Henderson Insurance Agency, serving Harrisburg PA, we want to help you make the best insurance choices. The only way to do that is by having the best insurance information. Keep reading to find out what you need to know about insuring your toys.  

What Classifies As Recreational Toys?

Recreational toys are a category of vehicles that require special insurance coverage. These vehicles often include ATVs, dirt bikes, jet skis, watercraft, campers, and other vehicles which are used for outdoor recreation. In order to get a full list of which vehicles qualify for this category in your state, you will need to talk with an insurance representative. 

Why Do I Need Insurance On Toys?

You have made an investment in these vehicles. If they are damaged or lost due to an accident or theft, then you will be the one responsible for replacing or repairing the vehicle. This could be a big expense, or it could leave you without your vehicle. Having a sufficient insurance policy in place will make sure you are not left paying this expense alone. 

Another important reason for carrying insurance on these vehicles is because if someone is hurt by your vehicle, then you will be held liable for their medical or legal bills. 

If you would like to learn more about our services, please contact Henderson Insurance Agency, serving Harrisburg, PA today. We will be very happy to answer your insurance questions and help you find the policy that is right for you. 

Which coverages should small business owners in Harrisburg PA focus on?

Which coverages should small business owners in Harrisburg, PA, focus on?

Apart from the rigorous business registration process, starting a Harrisburg, PA business means critically focusing on insurance. Whether you are starting a small or midsized business, insurance can save you from unforeseen events like fire, theft, lawsuits, and natural disasters. However, insurance can be confusing, especially if you are not well-versed in the surplus amount of business laws in Pennsylvania. If you are unsure of which coverages to buy for your small business, here are a few coverages experts at Henderson Insurance Agency recommend.

General Liability Insurance

Whether your small business is home-based or not, you need to have adequate liability insurance equal to your business value to provide defense and damage reimbursement.

Workers’ Compensation

This policy is mandatory and applies to all business owners with employees. The policy compensates workers who may get injured while at work and provides income replacement and medical benefits in exchange for the right not to sue you. This coverage is nearly crucial if you have more than five employees or run a high-risk business.

Property Insurance

Property insurance can protect your business equipment like computers, machines, desks, and other inventory and the building. The policy covers your valuables from vandalism, fire, theft, and other accidents.

Business Owner’s Policy (BOP)

A business owner’s policy is a typical combo package that includes all required business coverages such as property insurance, liability coverage, business interruption insurance, and crime insurance. Your insurance company can alter the package based on your business needs.

Professional Liability Insurance

Also known as errors and omissions insurance, professional liability insurance protects your business from lawsuits due to errors or failure to deliver the correct professional services. Mistakes happen all the time, and it doesn’t matter the kind of business you run, but that doesn’t mean you should be sued for every mistake if you have professional liability insurance.

If you run a high-risk operation business, you might want to take more steps in securing it. You can speak to our insurance experts at Henderson Insurance Agency to ensure you have the correct levels of protection. For more information about commercial insurance, contact us today.

How Does Toy Insurance Protect My Investment?

Whether you own a snowmobile, ATV, or golf cart in Harrisburg PA, these vehicles are clearly different than the standard SUV or car in your garage. It’s why many owners don’t consider getting insurance for their ‘toys’, especially if they’re unlikely to take their things out in public. Henderson Insurance Agency wants you to know why this might hurt your investment though and how the right policy can be of service to you. 

Accidents Do Happen 

They can harm the vehicle itself, the people in it, or other property in the vicinity. The right policy doesn’t just help you cover your investment but also other potential damages. In this way, toy insurance can help you protect all of your investments as opposed to just the vehicle itself. 

What Kinds of Policies Are Available?

If you live in Harrisburg, PA, you’ll have a number of types of policies, including everything from comprehensive to liability. If you use your vehicle often, then it’s highly recommended that you get something comprehensive. The more you’re out and about, the more chances there are for an accident to happen with your toy. Collisions, flipping, or even major scratches and dings, you need to think about what’s most likely and what you’ll do in the situation. 

Henderson Insurance Agency works with toy owners of every variety. Some use their vehicles purely for fun while others might have different uses for it. For example, an owner might rent out their snowmobile to neighbors for a small fee. Whatever it is that you need, we’re here to help. Contact us today to learn more about how our toy insurance policies work and what you can do to keep them out of harm’s way. 

Why Your Business Requires Commercial Insurance

All businesses are required by law to get some insurance coverage, for instance, workmen insurance covers to protect their employees against occupational hazards and unemployment. However, additional commercial insurance will provide you with peace of mind as it will offer protection against many other risks.

What Is Commercial Insurance?

It is a contract between a business (companies, partnerships, sole proprietorships, self-employed persons, etc) and an insurer to provide coverage against various risks commercial enterprises face.

Why Your Business Requires Commercial Insurance:

To Protect Its Automobiles

If your business has vehicles, you do not qualify for personal auto-insurance, but commercial auto insurance. This cover protects these vehicles from theft, break-ins, accidents, and other issues highlighted in the policy.

For Protection against Professional Liability

Professional liability is essential in industries where your business can be sued by clients due to damages arising from services rendered. It is compulsory for physicians in seven states and law firms in one state. You need to determine from your industry regulatory body whether it is a mandatory requirement.

For Protection against Losses Due To Damage or Theft of Business Property

In case a fire, flood, or break-in occurred at your business premises, the losses would be massive. Protect yourself and your inventory from these eventualities with a reliable commercial property cover from Henderson Insurance Agency.

For Protection against Wrongful Dismissal Suits

If your business has employees, you run the risk of being sued for damages due to unfair dismissal, harassment, discrimination, and other claims. These suits can have a serious impact on your business, so take a proactive step to protect yourself against them with an employment practice insurance cover.

If you are a business in Harrisburg, PA, Henderson Insurance Agency provides commercial auto-insurance and workers compensation, which are compulsory in Pennsylvania. Visit their website for more information.

6 Health Insurance Questions to Ask Your Agent

If you’re ready to get health insurance, or you have a policy and you aren’t sure if it’s right for your needs, working with an insurance agent can make things easier. If you’re in or near the Harrisburg, PA area, Henderson Insurance Agency is here to help. By understanding the kinds of things you need to ask your agent, you can get the support and guidance you’re looking for. Then you can take that knowledge and make an informed policy choice. With the right health coverage, you’ll have strong protection and good peace of mind. Here are six important questions to ask your agent.

1. Is the health coverage you already have the right policy for your needs and situation?

2. Is there a policy that would be a better fit for you as your situation changes?

3. If you don’t already have coverage, can you get covered at any time of year or is there an enrollment period?

4. How often should your health coverage be re-evaluated, make sure it’s the best option for you?

5. Can — and should — you bundle health coverage in with other insurance policies from the same company?

6. Who can you turn to if you have questions about your insurance coverage?

Are you ready to get the right insurance coverage that will meet your needs, from trusted agents you can rely on? Anyone in or around the Harrisburg, PA area can reach out to us at Henderson Insurance Agency today. We’ll help you get the coverage you’re looking for. Then you can focus on living your life and enjoying the journey, knowing that you’re covered with the right health insurance policy. Good insurance is an important part of feeling good about your safety and security, and we want to be the ones to work with you on finding that security in your life.

Getting life insurance at a young age

Many young people do not think about life insurance, but it is an important investment to protect your family and those around you. Henderson Insurance Agency is available to assist people with life insurance coverage in Harrisburg, PA.

Life insurance policies increase in cost with age, as the person who is covered is more likely to die as they get older. From the insurer’s perspective, advanced age is an added risk. From a cost-savings perspective, it certainly does make sense to invest in a policy at a young age. This is because the rates will generally not change as a person gets older. Their cost for the policy remains the same as they age once they are locked into a policy.

Younger people also tend to be in better health, and your policy will be easier to afford if you are young and in good health. If someone starts to develop health conditions as they get older, the price of a policy can go way up. This can also place family members in a worse situation when they get older and need more money for healthcare expenses as well.  

Lower costs will also help people keep their insurance if they experience financial hardship due to job loss or other problems. It makes sense to keep the policy active for the entire term as long as it is not a significant financial burden.  

Get help with choosing life insurance coverage that works for you

There are agents who serve Harrisburg, PA and surrounding areas with Henderson Insurance Agency. You can provide information to an agent and they will recommend the right policy based on your needs. 

Four key steps when you buy an umbrella insurance policy

Standard auto or home insurance policy typically doesn’t provide enough coverage to protect consumers from their risks and liabilities. Purchasing umbrella insurance in Harrisburg, PA is a good way to get extra coverage when accidents cost you more than your insurance policy maximums.

At Henderson Insurance Agency, umbrella insurance is one of the numerous products we offer. The following are four key steps to go through when you buy an umbrella insurance policy. 

Do your research

Umbrella insurance is an insurance product that needs to be used along with standard home and auto insurance. Research the details of your home and auto insurance policies. It’s important to be aware of what their maximum coverage limits are. Umbrella insurance will typically kick in when expenses amount to more than these maximum coverage limits. 

Contact an insurance agency representative

You should talk to an insurance agency representative about your umbrella insurance options with their company.

Ask questions about details that are unclear and ask about the representative’s recommendations for your situation. This will help you to pinpoint policies that best correspond with your needs. 

Get quotes on policies available to you

The next step is to get a few quotes on umbrella insurance policies. It’s best to get quotes from more than one umbrella insurance provider. Comparing quotes will help you find a policy that offers the best value. 

Purchase the policy of your choice

You’ll then need to analyze the costs and coverage features for each quote you get. Choose the policy that provides the most quality coverage for the least amount of money. 

Would you like to learn more about how to purchase umbrella insurance in Harrisburg, PA? Contact us at Henderson Insurance Agency to get more information on umbrella insurance.