Does homeowners insurance in Harrisburg, PA cover special items like artwork and jewelry?

Harrisburg, PA keeps being named as one of the best places to live, because of its affordable housing, low unemployment, and a wide range of things to do in the area. If you are one of the people taking advantage of property ownership in the area, you already have a homeowner’s insurance policy that protects your home in case anything happens, such as a fire or burglary.

At Henderson Insurance Agency, we understand how confusing your policy may seem. An insurance policy is basically a contract between you and the insurance provider, and it has a lot of details. Some of the language is legal terminology.

Most people understand that insurance protects the house itself, plus any other structures on the property, such as detached garages and sheds. It will also help if you have losses involving your appliances, carpeting, electronics, clothing, and other personal possessions inside your house.

But what about your more valuable items, like artwork, furs or jewelry? Unfortunately, anything you have of greater value will probably not be covered under a standard homeowner’s policy. 

There are limits not just on how much coverage you have but on how that coverage is split up. Most of your limit will go towards the property itself, especially the physical house. If you want to protect special items, it is easy to add that coverage by speaking to your insurance agent.

If you live in Harrisburg, PA and want to speak about adding to or changing your insurance, please call Henderson Insurance Agency today. We can help you choose the option that works best for you.

How Much Commercial Insurance Is Enough for My Small Business?

Owning a small business in Harrisburg, PA, isn’t always easy. There are so many things to manage that sometimes you don’t even want to think about insurance. To help you with that, Henderson Insurance Agency is here to help you deal with a common question: How much insurance does your business need?


For the most part, commercial insurance can be split into two categories: property insurance and liability. Property insurance needs to be sufficient to handle asset losses that can occur. As an example, a business that owns vehicles needs enough property insurance on the vehicles to replace them in the case of an accident. Apply this to all of your assets, and the goal should be to have enough insurance to keep the business alive if a disaster strikes and you take large losses.


Liability is one of the scarier aspects of owning a small business. Even a small accident can leave you liable for damages expensive enough to lose the entire business. While an average liability claim against a small business is around $15,000, it’s likely that you need greater liability coverage than that. In short, your overall liability will be linked to the value of your assets. Liability claims are often awarded based on the value of the business itself, so the value of your assets can inform your liability coverage.

So, how much coverage does your Harrisburg, PA, business need? There are too many variables to put a single number on every business. Instead, you should have a talk with your Henderson Insurance Agency representative. They can help you gauge your assets and how to properly protect your business.


How Long Can I Keep My Children on my Health Insurance Policy in PA?

Health insurance is a difficult subject right now in this country, but the fact remains that it’s crucial to have. As a parent, you naturally want to help your children out however you can and keep them healthy. Whether you currently have them on your health insurance policy or are looking to add them, it’s only normal to wonder how long you’ll be able to keep them covered.

Those of us at Henderson Insurance Agency have families of our own, and we want to help others across the Harrisburg, PA area get the health coverage they need for their loved ones. Here’s what you need to know about keeping your children on your health insurance plan : 

The Federal Law is Age 26

Changes made to federal law during the Obama administration moved up the age of child dependents on your health insurance plan to age 26. While some changes to current health laws have been made in recent years under the Trump administration, this age has not changed. This means that once your children turn 26, their time on your insurance plan will be up at the end of their birthday month. Children can stay on their parents’ health insurance plan even if they are married, living separately from you, attending a school or otherwise financially independent.

If you have a marketplace health plan, however, your children may be eligible to stay on your health plan until the end of the year (the calendar year– December 31) that they turn 26, regardless of what time of the year their birthday is.

Pennsylvania State Laws

As far as age goes, Pennsylvania follows the federal law of age 26 for children staying on a parental health insurance plan. That said, Pennsylvania’s low-income health insurance program (known as Medicaid or CHIP) only permits children to stay on their parents’ plans until age 19.

If you are looking to add your children to your health insurance plan or would like to help your adult child find their own policy, give us a call or come visit the Henderson Insurance Agency offices at your convenience. We serve families in the Harrisburg, PA area and beyond.


Can I wait until I retire to get life insurance?

Residents of Harrisburg, PA get all the benefits of a modern city with the historical background of the State Museum and Civil War reenactments. There is definitely a feeling of time passing, and you may be thinking about what will happen when you are gone. 

You may have thought about getting life insurance,  but like many people, put off making a decision until later. You may even have called Henderson Insurance Agency at one point to get a free quote. 

You could technically put off getting life insurance until you retire, but if you wait that long,  you may never be able to get it at all. You never know what day will be your last, and you don’t want to leave your family without your support because you didn’t plan ahead.

The quote you got in the past is likely no longer good, as life insurance gets more expensive as the person who is insured becomes a higher risk. The least expensive policies are for the youngest people,  but you can lock in a low rate by purchasing a policy when you are young.  You can even lock in a low rate for a relative, such as a child or nephew, by making a gift of life insurance.

There are two main kinds of life insurance, whole life, and term life, and you can get more benefit from the one you choose if you get it earlier. You don’t want your family to have to deal with your loss without the best financial help you can give.

If you are in Harrisburg, PA, you have several good options when it comes to life insurance, and you can save by locking in a  lower price. If you want to purchase life insurance, or if you just have questions, please contact Henderson Insurance Agency today. 

Umbrella Insurance vs. Extending Your Current Policies

As your assets grow, so too do your risks, and so too must the reach of your insurance plan. This most often comes up when considering liability insurance. There may come a point where you need to upgrade your policy, and you’ll need to decide between umbrella insurance or "excess liability." So what’s the difference?

  • Excess liability has no effect on the terms of your insurance policies in general, rather, it simply raises the limits of your liability protection.
  • Umbrella insurance provides the same additional coverage as an excess liability but also covers a number of losses not considered by excess liability.

Terms will vary from one plan to another, but some of the additional coverage that may be provided by umbrella insurance can include international auto coverage, protecting you no matter where in the world you wind up, coverage for libel and slander claims, and protection for claims related to your position in an organization as a director or CEO. Umbrella will also extend coverage on a lot of your basic policies like homeowners and condo insurance, auto, RV, watercraft and so on.

It will essentially come down to how many different bases you need to cover. When you have only one insurance plan that needs to be extended, such as excess liability for a Harrisburg, PA business, it might make sense just to extend that one plan. When you move into a larger house, expand your business and buy a new car all in the same year, you’re likely to get better protection on an umbrella plan.

If you’re looking to stay safe come what may, get in touch with Henderson Insurance Agency and see how we can help.

What you need to know about toy insurance

Having a recreational toy can be a very fun experience that will provide you with some great memories. While having a recreational toy is a fun thing to own, there some important responsibilities that go along with it. One important thing that you will need to do is make sure that it is properly covered by insurance. There are several things you should know about insurance for your toy.

You Can Protect the Asset

While a recreational toy in the Harrisburg, PA area is considered something that is fun to own, it is also an expensive asset that should be properly covered. One of the best ways to cover these assets is with a toy insurance policy. When you have a good toy insurance policy, you will receive protection from many different types of losses including theft, damage from an accident, and even storm damage.

Liability Coverage

Whenever you operate one of these toys, you will be taking on some responsibility. If you get into an accident and are at fault, you could have a major financial responsibility coming your way. A toy insurance policy will give you coverage for these situations. If you are found to be at fault, you will receive coverage up to the amount of your liability insurance policy. 

Since there are some clear advantages to have toy insurance, those that have recreational toys in the Harrisburg, PA area should speak with a professional to learn more. One company that can help you better understand your recreational toy insurance needs is the Henderson Insurance Agency. The processionals at the Henderson Insurance Agency will be able to review your particular situation and help you get into a policy that properly meets your needs.  

Why do I need workers comp insurance

Owning a business in the Harrisburg, PA area can be a great idea for anyone that wants to be their own boss. When you do own a business in Harrisburg, it is important that you have the right insurance in place for your organization. One type of insurance that you will need to have at all times is workers compensation insurance. There are several reasons why you need to have workers comp insurance at all times.

Protects Your Staff

Having quality employees is important for any company. Without them, it will be impossible to grow and succeed. When you have workers comp insurance in place for your business, you will be providing them with very valuable protection. A workers comp insurance policy will be beneficial as it will ensure that your staff has access to financial coverage if they are injured while they are at work and doing their job.

Legal Compliance

Most employers in Pennsylvania are required to carry workers comp insurance at all times. If you do not have workers comp insurance in place while you have people working for you, it will be a violation of state law. If you are caught doing this, you could be severely penalized. Having workers comp insurance in place will help to comply with these laws. 

For a Harrisburg, PA business owner or manager having workers compensation insurance in place is very important. When you are trying to figure out your workers compensation insurance needs, contacting the Henderson Insurance Agency is a good idea. The Henderson Insurance Agency can help you to better understand your business’s needs and requirements. They can then get you into a workers compensation policy that provides you with the right type and level of protection. 

An Introduction to Health Insurance

Henderson Insurance Agency of Harrisburg, PA understands how confusing health insurance can seem. We’re here to explain the basic though, so you can make an informed decision.

Health insurance comes in two main forms – private and public. An individual normally obtains a private health insurance policy from their employer or school or by purchasing it directly. A public health insurance policy comes from the government through a program such as Medicare or Medicaid or an agency including the Veteran’s Health Administration and the Indian Health Service.

While both types generally require a premium payment, usually on a monthly basis. This keeps the policy open and active.

While every health insurance plan differs in coverage, in general, they pay for or defray the cost of visiting a health care provider. This can refer to a doctor, hospital, physical therapist, etc.

Some insurance plans offer fully covered wellness visits, while others require a co-pay for a simple annual checkup. The co-pay, or portion the insured pay out of pocket for each visit, varies by plan and insurer.

Even among private insurance plans, there’s no single type. You can choose from five major types of plans:

  • managed care plans provide the insured with a network of lower-cost healthcare providers from which to choose. This plan type charges a penalty or fee for treatment by an out-of-network provider.
  • indemnity plans also called fee-for-service plans, provide a greater choice of providers since the insured can choose nearly any place of treatment. The insurer generally pays about 80 percent of the treatment cost, while the patient pays the rest.
  • health maintenance organizations (HMOs) directly provide medical care to the insured. They have negotiated fees with each healthcare provider. The policy usually assigns a primary care physician to the patient to coordinate all necessary care.
  • preferred provider organizations (PPOs) resemble indemnity plans because they let the insured visit any doctor. Like an HMO, the PPO has negotiated fees with each healthcare provider. It pays for part of an out-of-network provider visit and patients can go to a specialist without a referral.
  • point-of-service (POS) plans let the insured mix and match the best from an HMO and PPO. It lets the insured pick between having a primary care physician coordinate treatment, getting treatment within the provider network and visiting non-network providers.

Picking a health insurance plan helps you pay for wellness care and emergency care. It is important to choose the right plan though so you do not trap yourself for a year or more since in the US, you must wait until open enrollment to switch coverage unless you meet a legal exception.

Call us at Henderson Insurance Agency of Harrisburg, PA for other questions about health insurance. We’re here to help you get the coverage you need.

High risk life insurance

Life insurance is very cheap if you are young and healthy, but sometimes people are in dangerous situations and that increases the risk a person faces. This may make life insurance companies hesitant to cover certain situations. Military personnel in a war zone are covered by a program with the Dept. of Veterans Affairs.  Life insurance can get complicated, so contact the Henderson Insurance Agency in Harrisburg, PA to get help in understanding the details of life insurance.

Soldiers are automatically covered with a $400,000 death benefit. Most life insurance policies have a war-zone exclusion for general citizens in their policies. 

Things like smoking, or any kind of tobacco use, is also considered a risk for insurance companies. You may have to pay higher premiums as a smoker, and in some cases, you may not be able to get insurance. If you have a pre-existing condition you may also have trouble getting life insurance, but it depends on what the pre-existing condition is and how far advanced it is. If you have cancer, for instance, you may not be able to get life insurance, but if you have something like diabetes you may be able to get overage at a higher price.

Race car drivers were once considered high risk, but not so much in recent years. High-risk professions and hobbies can cause your rates to go up, but there are guidelines that assess you much of a risk you face. Stop by the Henderson Insurance Agency in Harrisburg, PA to learn more about life insurance. You may also visit us online and get more information about high-risk situations you may face.  Usually, we take a case-by-case approach and determine how much risk an individual is facing as opposed to just using a formula to set rates.

How an Umbrella Insurance Policy Protects Your Family’s Future

Families who work hard to prepare a future for their families should have this future secured in the event of a liability claim that could wipe out your assets. The protection of a standard home or auto insurance plan has its limitations and limits for financial coverage. Umbrella insurance gives that extra layer of protection to families and their benefit can protect your family’s future. For those residing in the Harrisburg, PA area, purchasing umbrella insurance is easier than you think. 

Financial Costs After Coverage

If either of your home or auto policies reach their coverage limit, the remaining expenses for any outstanding claims will fall to your responsibility. Unfortunately, when this happens, families turn to their savings for assistance or liens against assets for financial assistance. Sometimes homeowners may have to sell any assets such as stocks and retirement funds. Liens and depleted assets can destroy the financial stability you have been building for your family. Saving for college education and retirement can be out of the question for those without this additional coverage. 

Cover the Full Value

When you purchase your policy, an agent with Henderson Insurance Agency will assist you with receiving the proper coverage to protect your assets. You need to consider the value of all of your current possessions, as well as any retirement, college, or general savings that you currently have. Because the potential to sue for future income is available, you should also consider your estimated future income for your umbrella policy. Any asset that can be used as collateral should be covered. Having this coverage will secure your assets and protect your family’s financial future. 

Protect Your Family Today

If you live in or around the Harrisburg, PA area, look no further for your umbrella insurance policy. Contact an agent today at Henderson Insurance Agency to begin preparing your umbrella insurance policy and protect your family’s future.