Winter Tips for First-time Homeowners in Harrisburg, PA

Temperatures in the Harrisburg, PA area can dip well below freezing at times during winter. Between these cold snaps and winter storms, it’s important to make sure your new home is ready. Use the following tips for first-time homeowners to prepare your home for winter.

Schedule a Furnace Inspection

Having the furnace in your new home inspected helps ensure that it’s in good working condition before severe weather hits. That means you won’t have to worry about being without heat while waiting for repairs to be done when it’s freezing out. Also, remember to replace your furnace filter every one to three months. Dirty filters make it hard for your furnace to heat your home efficiently. 

Keep Stairs and Sidewalks Safe

Harrisburg gets its share of snow and ice each winter, which can lead to slippery sidewalks and stairs. Shovel these to keep them clear, so no one gets hurt while walking on them. Before snow arrives, you should also check your outdoor stairs and railings to make sure they’re in good shape. Fix up any loose railings, and consider replacing steps that are cracked or in poor condition.

Prepare an Emergency Supply Kit

Make sure your home is well-prepared if you lose power for a few days and need to stay warm. Keep emergency supplies handy, such as bottled water, nonperishable food, a battery-operated radio with fresh batteries, extra blankets and flashlights. Don’t use your gas oven to heat your home, and have your fireplace inspected before using it as a heat source.

If you’re planning on purchasing your first home, you’ll need to make sure you have the right coverage. Visit Henderson Insurance Agency, and you’ll be able to conveniently compare quotes on homeowners insurance for your Harrisburg home. 

Home Liability Coverage Options

Living in Pennsylvania can be a lot of fun. Regardless of what neighborhood you live in, there are certain aspects of homeownership that you are going to deal with, including standard home repairs, snow and ice in the wintertime, and more. You want to make sure that you do everything you can to keep your home safe. There is still going to be the possibility of someone getting injured.

These injuries can become your responsibility as the homeowner. There are home liability coverage options available within your homeowner’s insurance policy to help provide financial protection. It will be easier to file a claim with the insurance company as opposed to paying for everything out of your own wallet.

Some of the coverage you want to look at includes:

Pain and suffering: Particularly when a lawyer gets involved, there may be a settlement for the person’s pain and suffering – which can add up to tens of thousands of dollars in many instances.

Medical bills: You may be held responsible for all of the medical bills that a person encounters, even if a person has health benefits.

Wages: If a person is out of work or a considerable amount of time because of their injuries, you may be held legally liable for all of the wages that they lose as a result.

Legal costs: If you are sued, you will need to have a lawyer. Liability coverage have the ability to cover all of the legal expenses, even if you are found responsible.

All of these different expenses can be included within the home liability coverage that you have. It is also possible to ensure coverage is available for various scenarios where a person could potentially become injured.

Contact us at Henderson Insurance Agency today to learn more about your home liability coverage options in Harrisburg.




Pennsylvania Fall Home Checklist

When you live in Pennsylvania, you know that the fall months are when the leaves start to change and the weather starts to get a little chilly. There are some things that you can do around your home to prep for the change in weather – and prepare your home for the snow that will inevitably fall during the winter.

The checklist is something that will help you get started, and depending upon the things that are in and around your home, there may be other things that you want to add to the list as well.

  • Weather strip around doors and windows to keep out the cold air
  • Reverse fans throughout your home to bring warm air down
  • Replace batteries throughout all of the smoke detectors in your home
  • Have the heater inspected by professionals to ensure it is working properly
  • Clean the chimney with the help of a licensed chimney sweep to remove the risk of chimney fires
  • Clean the gutter so that they are clean for when rain and ice come
  • Have the roof inspected so that any loose or missing shingles can be replaced/fixed before rain, snow, and wind arrive
  • Fill and seal any cracks within your driveway and walkways so that the cold air does not split them open wider

The cold weather and all of the snow can pose problems for your home. The best way to protect it is by following a simple checklist – and you can choose to do as much or as little of it on your own. There are always professionals willing to help.

At Henderson Insurance Agency we look forward to helping you protect your home in Harrisburg. Call today and let us begin searching for quotes from top insurance companies around Pennsylvania as well as answering questions that you may have about coverage.




3 Safety Tips for Garage Sales

Having a garage sale is fun as you get to meet people, get rid of stuff. and make money. Occasionally though, there is an accident at a garage sale that detracts from the fun. If you’re planning on having a garage sale in Harrisburg, PA soon, we at Henderson Insurance Agency have some tips for keeping your garage sale safe for everyone.

Make Sure Your Sale is Safe

You don’t need to go grab caution tape to keep your garage sale safe. Just using some common sense when setting it up will minimize the chances of someone getting hurt. For instance, you can:

  • make sure any indoor area where you’re selling items is well lit so people can see
  • keep everything on tables to reduce the likelihood that someone trips over a box or item
  • place sharp objects, such as knives, out of the reach of children

These might seem basic, but taking simple steps like these will significantly reduce the chances of there being an accident at your sale.

Make Sure You’re Insured

You should also make sure you’re insured if there is an accident. After all, accidents happen even when every safety precaution is heeded. If there’s an accident at your garage sale and someone is seriously hurt, you may be held financially responsible. Depending on the incident and your homeowners insurance policy, though, your insurer may protect you.

If you live in Harrisburg, PA and would like help checking your insurance policy, feel free to contact us. You can reach our agents through our website, and they’d be happy to review your homeowners insurance to see what types of accidents it provides coverage for. If you don’t have coverage for accidents, our agents can also help you find a policy that will protect you. Contact them today, so they can help you before your sale starts.



3 Ways to Save Time While Cleaning Your Harrisburg, PA Home

Keeping a home neat and tidy is a never-ending task, and so is keeping your insurance up to date. Your home must be cleaned every time guests come over, and you should review your homeowner’s insurance policy every time you have a change in circumstances. Neither cleaning your home or checking your insurance should take you all day, though. Here are three ways to save time while cleaning your Harrisburg, PA home, along with how to quickly review your homeowner’s insurance policy.

Stains are notorious for taking a long time to remove, so finding ways to quickly get rid of them could significantly reduce how much time you have to spend cleaning. The best method for removing a stain will depend on the type of stain you have. For:

  • stained microwaves, nuke white vinegar and then wipe the inside of the microwave with a paper towel
  • hard water stains, use a dryer sheet to buff out the mineral deposits (even used dryer sheets work)
  • oil stains, put some oil on a paper towel and wipe up the stain

Save Time Reviewing Your Insurance

At Henderson Insurance Agency, we can help you save time reviewing your homeowner’s insurance after a major purchase or new addition. Through our online tool, you can get quotes on insurance policies that are similar to yours in just a few minutes. If you have specific questions about your policy or another one, our independent insurance agents are happy to help. They can both review your insurance policy and help you find a new one regardless of what carrier offers it, because they’re independent and work for us. The entire process only takes a few minutes.

If you need help finding homeowners insurance or want more cleaning tips, give us a call at Henderson Insurance Agency. Serving Harrisburg, PA, homeowners insurance agents at our office have helped many Pennsylvania residents — and we’d love to help you, too.


Is It Important To Get Quotes?

When you’re in Pennsylvania, you have a lot of things to do at your fingertips. From the chocolate and theme parks of Hershey to the museums and fine dining of Philadelphia to the economic center of Pittsburgh, there are always things going on. There are some gorgeous neighborhoods not only in the metropolitan areas, but also through the smaller townships.

You want to protect your home and that is done by purchasing home insurance. It’s mandatory if you have a mortgage and even if your house is paid for, it’s a good idea to have a policy. This way, you have the protection in place should something happen to your home.

It’s important to get quotes in Pennsylvania for a few reasons.

1. You want a good price

2. You want a lot of coverage

3. You want to know what one company has to offer over another

Instead of doing all of the research to get quotes on your own, you can work with a home insurance agency. We have agents to help you throughout Pennsylvania. Regardless of where you live within the state, you can turn to our agents for help with it all.

We can answer questions about what you need for home insurance. We can also work with multiple companies to find out what each are going to offer. Quotes can be obtained from each one to help with the comparison process so you know who can provide the most coverage at the best price. This can be the peace of mind needed to be a homeowner in today’s day and age. Our home insurance agency has the knowledge to help you build a policy you can rely on year after year so your home is always covered.

Call and let us get quotes for you today!

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Can I Buy Cheap Insurance And Still Have Good Coverage?

Throughout Pennsylvania, there is a lot for residents to enjoy. There are small towns with populations of less than 5,000 as well as major metropolitan areas with more than 1 million people. This allows residents and tourists alike to pick and choose how they will spend their time.

When you look at home insurance in Pennsylvania, it’s important to look at both coverage as well as coverage. You want to be able to file a claim and make sure it is taken care of. If you have to spend money out of pocket for repairs, it is not financially sound.

Carpet damage is one of the things you have to explore for coverage. Will the carpet be replaced if there is a flood, fire, or something else? The fine print of the policy will tell you what you need to know. Some companies will provide the coverage and others won’t.

You will want to have a cheap policy that you can afford. However, you don’t want it so cheap that you lack the needed coverage. It’s not going to be worth paying for the policy if all claims you want to make are not covered. A home insurance company won’t pay for a claim that is not covered on the policy and therefore you want to make sure it is covered so you don’t waste your time. They should pay for virtually anything that goes wrong in your house.

Within our agency, we have agents to help you with home insurance in Pennsylvania. We will help you to find good coverage at a cheap price so that you get all you could ask for. It will provide peace of mind knowing that you can call the insurance company and have repairs paid for.

Call us today so we can begin searching for quotes.

How To Compare Your Homeowners Insurance With a Quote

Homeowners insurance is needed to not only protect yourself from financial loss, but also provides you the means to get a loan to purchase your home. Life in Elizabeth Town, Pennsylvania is anything but boring. Residents are just minutes away from Hershey, PA where they can enjoy a day at a local theme park, or they can hike through the wooded areas and explore nature. No matter what the activity you choose to be involved with, you can enjoy your day without worrying about your home insurance by knowing a few simple facts.

Comparing Your Home Insurance to a New Quote

  • Take a look at the dwelling coverage. The policy with the best protection will be an amount that is high enough to pay for the cost of rebuilding the home in the event of a total loss.
  • Make sure that the policy replacing destroyed items with new and updated items instead of depreciating the value of your personal belongings.
  • Take a look at the deductible. Some policies will be quoted with a high deductible in an attempt to lower the cost. But the price difference between the two amounts may only be a few dollars.
  • You will also want to make sure that any items endorsed on your current policy are listed on the new quote. Endorsed personal items will add to cost of the policy. To compare fair quotes, the items need to be included on the new quote.

If you live in 51037 area and are looking for a new quote for your home insurance needs, then you need to contact your local agents today. As your local agent we can help you compare quotes and answer any questions that you may have. We want to provide you with the information that you need to make an informed decision about your insurance exposures.

Keeping Your Home Protected from Damage

The town of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania is a town with a rich history. Residents have the benefit of living in an area that has played a part in shaping the country. But living in a desired area is not exempt from perils that can damage your home. To avoid having to pay for damages to your home, you will want to have a homeowners insurance policy.

How Your Home Insurance Policy Protects Your Home

  • Home insurance is designed to protect the owner from a number of perils. One type of peril that may be covered is that of storm damage. Thunderstorms cause damage through excessive winds, hail, and even lightening damage.
  • Fire is another destructive peril that affects the lives of homeowners. If your porch catches on fire and is destroyed, then your home insurance policy should be able to take care of the cleanup and rebuilding your porch.
  • Foundation damage caused by a reckless driver without insurance may be covered too. Foundation repair can be costly and without the right kind of protection you could be left paying for the repairs yourself.
  • Home insurance also gives protection for your personal belongings. You can also endorse on your policy high net worth items for special protection.

There are a lot of things that can cause you financial hardship financially. As your local agent we want to help you by providing insurance to keep you from sinking into ruin. As your agent we can get you the coverage you need for a price that is affordable. Call us today and let us give you the information you need to make an informed decision.

Home Insurance Company in Progress, PA

As the owner of a house, it is your responsibility to protect the property from any eventuality. By working with a home insurance company that will protect against the most common threats to your property and will offer a variety of coverage options, you can avoid any problems and keep your property in the best condition.

Comparing Your Options

Home insurance is not a requirement of the state, but that does not mean you cannot find fair rates and options. Depending on your concerns, you may want to consider more than the basic policy that is available through a home insurance company.

Compare several policies and coverage solutions before you finalize a policy. Do not assume that the basic plan is enough, especially if your house is worth more than average or if you have expensive personal belongings. Items like jewelry or an expensive bike may need additional coverage to avoid any problems.

Research the Company

Along with the details of the policy, you should take time to find out more about the insurance provider. Do not assume that the company is appropriate for your goals. Read about their methods and find out about any complaints.

Discover as much as possible about the company and evaluate official ratings and suggestions from sources like the Better Business Bureau. By learning more about the company, you can determine if the business is appropriate for your particular goals, concerns or personal preferences. You can also avoid companies that may make you uncomfortable.

There are several companies that offer coverage for your house, but that does not mean they are all the same. Depending on your goals and your needs, the best plan can vary. To learn more about protecting your house, contact us to speak to an agent.