Tips For Buying Your Teen’s First Car

That time has come, perhaps the time you have been secretly dreading: Buying your teen’s first car. Whether they’ve been saving up themselves, or whether you are footing the bill or a combination of the two, buying that first car is a huge milestone in your family’s life. It means that your teen is becoming independent and more self-sufficient.

It’s also a time where there may be clear differences in what they want versus what you want for them. You want something safe and reliable and economical; they want something that looks cool and has a good stereo. This can cause some arguments and struggles, but in the end, you can both be happy. Here are some tips to help you choose your teen’s first car:

Safety First

This is probably the biggest concern for a parent. Is the car safe? You can do a little searching to find out how the car is rated and what the history is of that make and model of car. Does it have good ratings? Are there any issues that tend to come up with that type of car? Have there been recalls or other fluke things that seem to go wrong often? Also, you’ll want to check the individual car itself. A CarFax can help ensure that the car has never been in a previous accident. Check tires, brakes, lights, etc. Have it thoroughly inspected.


You want a car that is going to be reliable for your teen, not break down after a year or two. It’s also important to educate your teen about what is involved with owning a car. Talk to them about oil changes and other maintenance to help their car last longer and perform better. Again, getting a CarFax or maintenance records can help you determine if the car has been well taken care of.

Let’s Talk About Money

Talk to your teen about the money involved in owning the car. Let them know it’s not just about the sticker price of the car. How is the fuel economy? Is it a car that is typically expensive to get parts for? When you talk to your Henderson Insurance Agency, find out if the car is expensive to insure. In many cases, the make and model of the car factors into how much monthly insurance premiums cost. When shopping for cars in Harrisburg, PA, you’ll want to take all these things into consideration.

Common Myths about Home Insurance

Whether living in Harrisburg, PA or other places within the US,  there are various common myths about home insurance. And even though each state has their guidelines for home insurance coverage options, people all over the country have the same misconceptions concerning what their home insurance coverage will cover. Having said that, the following are common myths that are really important to know when it comes to home insurance:

  1. Replacement cost- it’s vital to know the details of how much the insurance will cover for losses.
  2. Loss of use coverage- some coverage won’t pay for lodging/food while the home is being repaired, or the coverage amount and time may be limited.
  3. Insurance coverage must be lowered, to lower the insurance premium.
  4. Flood coverage- floods are not covered and must be purchased.
  5. Premium costs raise every time a claim is filed.
  6. Termites- sometimes, termites are not covered in some home insurance coverage.
  7. All valuables are covered through home insurance- it’s sometimes assumed that medicine and expensive items, like jewelry, are covered.
  8. Valuation of loss- sometimes coverage is limited to a certain amount.
  9. In the case of injury, medical costs are covered.
  10. It’s a waste of time in making an inventory list- it’s vital in case you can’t recall all that is lost due to a calamity.


If living in Harrisburg, PA or various areas in Pennsylvania, it’s crucial to contact trustworthy insurance experts within that area to assist you with your home insurance, flood,  add-ons, and other insurance needs for adequate coverage. One thing for sure, you don’t want to think something is covered after a calamity, just to find out otherwise. That type of situation could leave you in dire financial straights.

Contact Henderson Insurance Agency today. Their insurance agents have been experts in this field for Harrisburg, PA and surrounding areas for several years.  With them, you are in trusted hands, and you will have peace of mind in knowing that you are adequately covered when the unpredictable erupts.

When to Buy Auto Insurance

When it comes to keeping your car street legal, you need insurance. There are a few different times in which you need to purchase auto insurance and knowing when to buy your policy is going to help you quickly and easily get your car insured. For those in the Harrisburg, PA area, the agents with Henderson Insurance Agency can help.

You should first and foremost purchase auto insurance if you are buying a new car. Often, you can contact your insurance company on the day that you buy a new car and they can add the car to the policy before the sale is complete. You should always make sure that your car is insured prior to your attempting to drive it.

Another optimal time to buy insurance is when your coverage needs are changing. You should make sure that you keep your coverage up to date and that you keep the correct amount of coverage so that you can recover after an accident. Generally, it is a safe bet that you are going to need insurance no matter where you are and no matter what kind of car you are driving and having an agent around to help you determine what type and how much insurance you need can save you a great deal of time.

Auto insurance is something that all drivers are required by law to have no matter what so making sure your car is always insured is the best way to make sure you are going to be covered in the case of an accident. No matter your insurance needs, the agents with Henderson Insurance Agency in the Harrisburg, PA area can help you find the right policy for you each and every time so that you are both legal and safe.

Tips for a Better Garage Sale

Many homeowners in Harrisburg, PA are looking for ways to make a bit more money on the side, and a common way to do that is by having a garage sale. If you want to have a successful garage sale, however, you cannot just put it together at the last minute. Use these tips from Henderson Insurance Agency so you can have a successful garage sale and make the extra money you are looking for:

  • Invite neighbors to take part. The more families that take part in the garage sale, the more people you have the ability to reach. Ask your neighbors if they are interested in joining.
  • Plan ahead and advertise. Do not schedule it on a whim. You should take the time to plan it for a weekend and put some signs out ahead of time, so people know that it is coming. Also, let people in your community know as well as friends and family so they can let others know.
  • Clean the items you plan on selling. If the things you are selling are gross and dirty, then you are not very likely to sell them. Take some time to clean them before you put any price tags on them.

With all of the extra money, you will be making at your garage sale with these tips, you should look at also trying to save some money on home insurance. If you do not already have a policy in place, be sure to contact Henderson Insurance Agency serving Harrisburg PA for a free quote as well as the opportunity to explore your options. If you do have one, they can make sure you do not have gaps in coverage as well as find you a policy that may help you save some money.

Do you need a home insurance policy if you don’t have a mortgage?

An improving economy and a reluctance towards carrying a lot of debt has motivated many Harrisburg, PA residents to pay off their mortgages.  The end of monthly mortgage payments, however, also means an end to mandated tax and insurance payments into an escrow account.  Without this account in places, many homeowners foolishly decide to save money by giving up their homeowner’s insurance.

Homeowner’s insurance is the only thing that protects many Harrisburg, PA residents from financial ruin. All too often, people make the mistake of assuming that they have enough in savings to cover any loss to their home.  Instead, many people discover too late that a series of disasters has destroyed their personal finances.

The truth is that it’s relatively rare to have enough in savings to cover the complete loss of a home.  While it’s more common for people nearing retirement to have enough in savings to cover minor emergencies, a total loss of a home is a devastating financial blow.  Furthermore, many people tend to underestimate the cost to repair a home after a natural disaster or other large-scale event.  These events cause disruptions to supply chains, driving up the costs of materials and labor. The result is that home repairs are often much more expensive than the cost to rebuild a home.

While a disaster might not happen immediately after dropping home insurance coverage, a single emergency can wipe out a family’s savings.  Keeping a basic level of coverage on a property along with significant savings is a good way to avoid financial disaster.

If you’re looking to save money on your home insurance, or if you’ve dropped coverage in the past and are now looking to get protected again, call our agents today. They have years of experience helping people just like you find a policy that offers great coverage at a price that is right for their budget.

Keep Your Friends and Family Safe This Winter

Winter weather can put you, your friends, and family in danger of injuries in and around your home in Harrisburg, PA. Slippery sidewalks and icy steps cause numerous falls when left untreated. The agents at Henderson Insurance Agency encourage you to take precautions to help prevent injuries. Cold weather can even affect people in the home. Infants and older adults have more difficulty maintaining their body temperature, so can fall prey to hypothermia inside if the temperature drops at night. 

5 Tips to Prevent Common Winter Weather Related Injuries Around Your Home:

1. Stock up on ice melt products. Rock salt is the standard, but there are plenty of environmentally friendly ice melt products available too. Make sure steps and porches are treated, along with walkways.  

2. Sand, dirt, and kitty litter are often used for traction on icy surfaces when temps keep ice melt products from keeping the ice at bay. 

3. Keep gutters and roofs clear and in good repair so snow and rain can run off easily. Allowing snow to build up on roofs can cause injuries if it falls off at the wrong moment.

4. Limit outdoor time to prevent frostbite and hypothermia. Wear hats, mittens, boots, and coats to minimize exposure and hold in body heat.

5. Maintain a viable, well-vented heat source. Infants and older adults are particularly susceptible to colder temperatures. Infants cannot shiver yet to raise their internal temps and as we age, our metabolism slows, so our bodies make less heat. It is important to monitor temperatures in your home to keep your friends and family safe. 

Heat your Harrisburg, PA home wisely. A carbon monoxide detector is an investment worth its weight in gold. Many sources of heat or electricity could be potential sources of carbon monoxide in the home. Generators, gas ranges and stoves, or even burning wood can produce dangerous levels of CO when not properly vented. Our knowledgeable agents at Henderson Insurance Agency can answer questions about safe winter weather choices.    


Are Your Tires Ready for the Winter?

The snow is about to start falling! While you may have lived in the Harrisburg, PA area for many years and see the white stuff as nothing more than a nuisance, it’s important to ensure your vehicle is ready to tackle wintery weather.

See a Penny, Pick It Up Tread Test

Having tread that is ready to tackle slushy roads is important in maintaining control in a blizzard. A simple way to determine if it’s time to replace your tires is the penny test. Take a penny and ensure Lincoln’s head is pointed down. Slip it between the treads of your tire.  If you can’t see his head anymore, your tires have good tread. If you can see the tip of his head, it’s time to hit the tire store.

Check For Cracking and Weathering

If you don’t tend to put a lot of miles on your car, you may think your tires will last forever. Not true! Rubber degrades over time. In general, tires over five years old can fail due to age.  If the sidewalls of your tires are cracking or discolored, it’s an indication they need replacing. Winter weather puts even more stress on old tires. Don’t wait for them to pop!

Use Snow Tires? How Old Are They?

If you switch from summer to winter tires, it’s a good idea to check on the age of the winter ones before you mount them. The old rubber that is stored in one place can deform, causing the tire to go out of round when mounted.  Which can lead to tire failure when at speed? And of course, ensure they are properly inflated for the best traction and performance.

Once you have good tires on your car, you are almost ready for the Harrisburg, PA winter! Don’t forget to put a shovel, blanket, and flares in your trunk as well. Talk to your local auto insurance agent for more maintenance tips to help protect your car and yourself.

Keeping Your Future Safe: How Home Insurance Is a Safety Net

Home insurance in Harrisburg, PA isn’t the most popular of conversation topics, but that doesn’t mean that people shouldn’t be talking about it. Too many homeowners simply don’t understand that they have insufficient coverage, and the time to discover this fact is not what a natural disaster occurs. Home insurance is what allows you to keep your legacy, as well as your property safe during what can only be described as the worst of times. Henderson Insurance Agency is here to tell you more about how this safety net should be cherished. 

A Way Out 

Home insurance is what gives you a way out of a hopeless situation. Let’s say a flood hits, and the very foundation of your home is damaged (not to mention what’s inside your basement or first floor.) When you’re staring at the consequences of Mother Nature, it’s a priceless feeling to know that you have someone to call so you can get your life back on track. 

Keeping Your Investment 

A home is typically the most expensive purchase you will ever make in your life, and even if that home was given to you, you still want to make sure that you keep it safe from harm. It is already emotionally devastating to have anything happen to an investment that you likely take a lot of pride in, and home insurance is often the only way that you can keep that investment alive. Declaring bankruptcy often means giving up much of what you own to pay everything off, and it can cripple any homeowner to the point of insolvency. 

Henderson Insurance Agency has the staff that can help you understand more about the many benefits of home insurance, so give us a call if you’re looking for answers. We can get you a quote and tell you more about how we help those in Harrisburg, PA keep it all under control. 


Need a Harrisburg, PA home insurance quote? Get the right agent

When you have a home in a great place like Harrisburg, PA, you want to protect that house and your investment. The best way to do that is through the right home insurance policy from the Henderson Insurance Agency. When you have the right policy you have peace of mind, because you know your home is financially protected and that you haven’t overpaid for that coverage. In order to get that, you don’t want to choose just any policy. It’s a much better idea to select a home insurance policy from a trusted agent who can give you a lot of options.

By selecting an independent agent you’ll have the opportunity to get policy quotes from several different companies. That way you can compare prices, and you can also take a careful look at what you’ll be getting for the money. Any good home insurance policy is not just about the cost, but about the actual value. The more you get for a lower premium, the more you can cover your house the right way even on a budget. That’s good news for any Harrisburg, PA homeowner who wants to make sure their house has the maximum level of protection for a great price.

The Henderson Insurance Agency can provide you with help from a knowledgeable agent who will make sure that you get what you need to protect your home the right way. As your needs change and you want to make adjustments to your policy, your agent will be there to help you every step of the way. That’s the personalized service you get from an independent agent who can show you quotes and information from a lot of different companies so you always have the best home insurance options available to you.


How to Determine Replacement Value of a Home

The time a person needs home insurance the most is after a major catastrophe. Some disasters cause so much damage to a home that it needs complete replacement. The agents at Henderson Insurance Agency recommend an annual review of home insurance to make sure there is adequate coverage that is equal to the replacement value of the home and its contents.

The reason an annual review is such a good idea is because the cost of new construction increases over time, there may have been changes in the home, such as a new room addition, and real estate values change.

When a family has lost everything in a major disaster that completely destroys the home, there is tremendous comfort in knowing that there is enough home insurance coverage in place to rebuild the home and replace the lost contents.

How to Determine Replacement Value

Here are the steps necessary to determine a reasonable amount for the replacement value of a home:

  1. Inventory of the ContentsMake a written inventory of the all the contents in a home that records as much information as is available such as the model number, serial number (useful for recovery of stolen items), purchase year, amount paid for the item, and take a clear photo of it. For groups of items such as clothing, take a photo and count items in categories, such as the number of pairs of shoes, dresses, shirts, suits, etc.
  2. Home Design – If architectural plans of the home are available, use them to get room measurements. If plans are not available, make a rough sketch of the home, (using graph paper is easier) that shows all the rooms, their use, their size, and their placement. Take photos and make a video walk-through of the entire home interior as well as the exterior.
  3. Special Features – Make a list of any special features, such as carved marble fireplaces, outdoor fire pits, swimming pools, saunas, garden fountains, fishponds, etc.
  4. Save Receipts – Whenever possible, for anything in the home, save receipts for the purchase.

Save all this information about the home and its contents in an off-site location, which is secure, fireproof storage that is not in the home. Professional replacement cost-analysis is available for a fee, for those who do not wish to do this work themselves.

Make a copy of the information and take this copy to the agents at Henderson Insurance Agency. They will help calculate the replacement cost based on their extensive knowledge of home construction costs and the total value of items in the home, adjusted to the present day.