3 Reasons You Need an Auto Insurance for Your Car

Getting the right type and amount of auto insurance gives you the confidence you need to drive in Harrisburg, PA. Getting car insurance is a legal requirement, and it protects you from financial losses in case your car gets into an accident. Get the help of a reliable insurance agency such as Henderson Insurance Agency to get the right auto insurance depending on your needs. The following are some reasons why auto insurance is important.

To Protect Your Car

Auto insurance protects your car. Collision coverage protects your vehicle if it collides with another car or objects such as fences, and trees. Comprehensive coverage protects your vehicle in case of non-collision risks such as theft, extreme weather conditions, and falling objects. Auto insurance helps you pay for repairs and replacements. Without the insurance, you may be unable to get your car back on the road after an accident.

To Protect Yourself

Auto insurance may help you protect yourself. If you have uninsured/underinsured motorists coverage, you are protecting yourself. Even though the law demands everyone to have the minimum liability coverage, some drivers do not. If you get into an accident with them, they may not be able to compensate you. The insurance cover compensates you. It may also cover you in case of hit and run accidents.

To Avoid Financial Losses

Liability insurance helps to pay for the medical bills of third parties and the costs of repairs and replacements of their vehicles if you are responsible for an accident. It also helps to pay for the legal fees involved. If you do not have liability insurance, you have to pay these charges from your pocket.

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Does my car insurance cover my motorcycle?

If you own both a vehicle and motorcycle, you may be tempted to believe that your auto insurance will offer coverage when you are involved in an accident while using your motorbike. After all, your auto insurance offers protection if you drive someone else’s car or a rental vehicle, so why wouldn’t it cover you when you use your motorcycle?  This assumption is extremely misplaced and will make you incur more expenses than expected.

Your car insurance doesn’t cover you when you get into an accident on your motorbike

It’s essential to get a separate insurance plan for your motorcycle from an insurance company like Henderson Insurance Agency in Harrisburg, PA. The policy should offer protection for the motorcycle and any rider who may use it. This coverage is essential because it will cover damages to the bike and injuries you may incur after an accident.

Motorcycle insurance offers different coverages compared to car insurance

Even though motorcycle insurance may not be required in some states, this doesn’t mean that it’s not essential. According to statistics, an accident between a motorcycle and a car will likely cause damages and injuries to the motorcycle rider. So, you need a plan that will cover the bike from damages and pay your medical expenses, including the days you will spend away from work while recovering.

Some insurers provide motorcycle endorsements on the regular car insurance policy, but this has to be bought separately. Nevertheless, you need to be careful about these endorsements because they are limited and don’t offer adequate coverage like stand-alone motorcycle insurance policies.

Consider getting a motorcycle policy that provides liability, comprehensive, collision, or medical payment coverages. You can also add other services like gap coverage, towing service, and replacement of personal property.

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Personal Auto or Commercial Auto Insurance?

As a small business owner, you may own a personal vehicle that’s used quite a bit for business purposes. If that’s the case, you may need commercial auto insurance protection to safeguard your business in the event of an accident. Your personal auto insurance policy may not cover accidents that occur when using your vehicle for your Harrisburg, PA business. By consulting with an agent from Henderson Insurance Agency, you can get a better understanding of what kind of insurance you need.

When deciding between personal auto and commercial auto insurance, consider the following:  

If your car is registered under the name of your business, you need commercial coverage. Business vehicles are often used more extensively than personal vehicles, making them at greater risk of accidents. Commercial insurance will ensure you have adequate liability and property damage protection to meet your business needs.

If you regularly use your personal vehicle for work purposes, you may need commercial coverage, even if the car is registered in your name. Many small business owners use their personal vehicle to visit clients, transport business supplies or equipment, make deliveries or haul commercial goods. These are some of the criteria for commercial auto coverage.

Personal auto policies provide coverage when using your vehicle for personal use. If you have an accident when using your car for business purposes, your insurer may not honor your claim, leaving you to foot the bills.

Commercial auto insurance offers greater liability coverage to protect business interests in the event of accidents. If you’re using a personal vehicle for business purposes, you’ll need adequate coverage to protect your business from serious accidents and the risk of lawsuits.    

If you’re not sure what kind of car insurance you need, give us a call at Henderson Insurance Agency, Harrisburg, PA. We can help you select the policy best suited to your needs.

In Harrison, PA, What Information Should be Collected After an Accident?

Individuals living in Harrisburg, PA and the nearby communities can talk to the agents of Henderson Insurance Agency to ensure they are able to fully protect themselves after an automobile accident. Being involved in a car accident can be traumatized. During the heat of the moment, the first thing that should be done is to make sure all parties involved are free of injuries. The next step involves calling the police and exchanging important information that will be used to file claims with each party’s insurance company.

After an auto accident has occurred and all parties have been checked for injuries, it is important the police be notified. While you are waiting for the police to arrive, you should talk to the other driver and exchange your insurance information. If you are unsure of the situation, it is fine to wait until the police arrive, but exchanging the information while you are waiting will save everyone time and allow the accident scene to be cleared much faster. Both parties should provide their complete insurance information as well as personal contact information in case they need to be contacted. The police report will contain the majority of information surrounding the accident itself. Your insurance company may want to send an agent to the scene so it is important they be called while you are still there.

The agents at Henderson Insurance Agency serve residents throughout the Harrisburg, PA area. If you have any questions about your insurance policy or what should be done if an accident occurs, the agents encourage you to call their office and discuss your concerns. It is important that you be fully informed as to what your rights and responsibilities are once an accident has occurred. Make sure you have everything you need and know exactly what you should in case of an emergency.

What Are Some Common Auto Insurance Discounts

Auto insurance is a thing that every driver has to have by law and for many, there are discounts that you might be eligible for that you are not utilizing. For those in the Harrisburg, PA area, the agents with Henderson Insurance Agency can help you find out what kind of policy you need and what discounts you may be eligible for.

There are a wide range of policy discounts that you might be missing out on and there are some that are common across the board for most agencies. One is the safe driver discount. This is a discount on your premium for not getting in an accident. The amount that the discount is varies dependent on the actual agency and what they offer.

Another common discount is for having more than one car on your policy. This means that when you insure more than one car on your policy, you may be able to insure the second car for a lesser amount for the same amount of coverage. This is a great discount that most people qualify for, especially those that have more than one driver in the home or that have kids that are old enough to drive.

Some agencies also offer what is called a loyalty discount. This is a discount for holding a policy for a specified amount of time without leaving the agency or switching your insurance provider. Again, this discount is going to be based on the individual company and how much they offer. If you have questions and you live in the Harrisburg, PA area, the agents with Henderson Insurance Agency can help answer your questions and figure out what discounts you are eligible for based on your individual circumstances. You may be able to save more money than you think.  

Keeping a Car Safe from Salt

Citizens of Harrisburg, PA are no strangers to snowstorms. They also know the upcoming winter season will bring plenty of proactive road salt to prevent roads from freezing over. While this salt will keep ice and snow from accumulating too quickly on the roads, the salt can also damage cars. There are some essential tips that every driver must know to prevent their cars from turning to rust on the salt.

The best way to prevent cars from rusting over is to apply a body oil to the car prior to each winter. This oil is called rust proofing spray and will help stave off the rust that salt can cause. Salts, such as road salt, will dissolve in the water and help accelerate this process. Oil and water do not mix. Therefore, this rust proofing spray oil will make sure that water and salt do not combine to cause rust on the car. Most automotive shops are familiar with this rust proofing spray and will be happy to apply the spray and keep the car in good condition.

In addition to the rust proofing spray, consider using something called a sealant. Many sealants are made of wax or other synthetic polymers that form a barrier over the car that prevents damage from salts and other hazards. Sealants do not reach the car’s folds, making them slightly less effective than rust proofing spray. Most automotive shops are familiar with sealants, but the car must be clean prior to sealant application.

Finally, make sure to invest in rubber car mats. These mats will help protect the inside of the car against the road salt that is transferred to the inside of the car from the bottoms of shoes. Many people forget that this salt can damage the car’s interior as well.

For people in Harrisburg, PA, winter is rapidly approaching. Make sure the car is ready for everything the winter season brings. 

What are the latest safety features for automobiles?

Modern technology has created safety features for automobiles that go beyond seat belts and air bags. Consumer Reports lists a few of the technological enhancements that can make you safer behind the wheel.

Some of the new features protect you from obstructions that suddenly appear ahead of you. Forward collision warning will alert you if you are about to hit something ahead of you. Even better, automatic braking will stop your car before you hit something.

Adaptive cruise control systems use a suite of sensors such as lasers, optical systems, and radar to keep your vehicle maintaining a safe distance from the car ahead of you. Combined with a lane-keeping assistance system, the feature can be very useful in stop and go traffic.

When you are shifting lanes, a blind spot warning system will alert you if another vehicle is in the lane where you are headed but has not yet appeared in your side mirror. Another enhancement will steer your car back to the center of your lane if shifting lanes will result in a collision. A lane departure warning will alert you if you are trying to shift lanes without activating your turn signal. Some systems will even turn your steering wheel to get you back in the center of your lane.

When you are backing up, a number of safety features are available to help prevent an accident. An alert system will warn you if you are backing from a particular parking spot and are about to hit another car or a pedestrian. Some cars come with rear-pointing cameras so you can see where you are going without turning your head.

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Keeping your car uncluttered can become a habit

It is easy for a car to get cluttered. You are busy, and you may not think of  bringing that cup in when you get home. A car can get cluttered fast, so the best approach is to get it cleaned up and then have a plan for keeping it clean. While it does take a small amount of effort to keep a car uncluttered, there are advantages. Clutter can become a distraction while driving, and it can make your car lost its value faster as seats and floors get stained. Here are some tips on keeping clutter to a minimum from organizational experts.

  • Throw away those cups or bottles. When you get gas, there is a trash can nearby. Dispose of whatever you can every time you stop your car. If you develop that habit, it will keep clutter down.
  • Always empty your car when you get home. Make a habit of bringing everything in, especially trash.
  • Create a trash container for your car.  A plastic container can become a trash can, or you can just use a plastic bag to store things in. This will keep liquids from staining seats and floors as well.
  • Use an envelope to store receipts and important papers. You can bring that inside the house once a week and file them appropriately. There are also apps to store gas receipts.
  • Bring your own cup. Use a portable cup instead of buying a new one every time you get coffee or soda at a convenience store. You will usually get a discount for having your own container.

Keeping a clean car will make you less stressed and that could help your driving. Come and see the Henderson Insurance Agency for all your automotive insurance needs. Let our professionals find the best policy for you and your family.

5 Safety Tools Your Should Never Drive Without

Most vehicles come with jumper cables for your battery and tools needed to change a spare tire. While you want to ensure that these are in the car, you also want to add a few things to keeping safe in case of an emergency or an accident. Many items can be added to make an emergency kit to keep in your vehicle. To get you started below is a list of five safety tools to keep in your vehicle: 

  • Car Escape Tool:  This small gadget has a blade designed to cut through seatbelts as well as a pointed tip end that will break through a car window. Carry this in the front of your car that is out of the way of everyday use but still within arms reach if you are in an accident.
  • Flashlight and Extra Batteries:  Whether you have to change a tire at night or look around at the area you may find yourself stranded in, having light is extremely helpful.
  • Bottled Water and Snacks:  If stranded, water and snacks such as trail mix, peanuts or granola bars can help retain your energy.
  • Duct Tape:  Duct tape can hold items, patch holes and serve as a skin bandage.  It’s small and compact but can serve a multitude of purposes.
  • Towels:  Towels can act as a blanket if cold, can be used for drying off if out in the rain and can serve as a traction device to put under a tire if stuck.

If you have had an accident or want to ensure that you have the level of vehicle insurance coverage that you need, call your Henderson Insurance Agency representative, serving Harrisburg, to get a quote and discuss the best coverage plans for your car.


How to Take Care of Your Friends Car?

So your friend has been kind enough to let you borrow their vehicle for a time. You need to treat the vehicle with respect and make sure you give it back in the same, if not better condition than when you first borrowed it. At Henderson Insurance Agency, we understand the importance of both taking care of your car and of friendship. It is why we want to make sure you take care of you friend’s car in Harrisburg or anywhere else you might be. 

Food and Drink

Make sure to ask your friend if this is alright. Some people simply don’t like food and beverages inside of the vehicle. If they are alright with it, make sure to clean it up and toss out the trash when you’re done. You should probably avoid anything messy to cut out the chance of spilling. 


Ask what kind of fuel your friend’s vehicle uses. Chances are, it is unleaded, although there are some other kinds of gas out there. A few do require diesel while a higher performance vehicle might require a premium fuel with higher octane level. Always return the vehicle back with a full tank of gas. There is nothing worse than climbing back into the vehicle, only to find the gas tank is empty. 

Wash the Car

A car wash is pretty quick and easy. You can run through an automatic car wash for a few bucks and it helps bring out the shine. It also shows you appreciate using the vehicle. It only takes a few minutes of your time and a few dollars out of your pocket, but it is greatly appreciated by your friend. It also will make it more likely they let you borrow the vehicle in the future.