How Do I Cover Other People Who Might Drive My Car?

It’s important to have a car when you live in Harrisburg, PA, and you happily take care of yours. You’re on top of the maintenance, keep it clean, and you have good insurance. Despite that, there’s a situation that might make you nervous. If you ever let a friend or family member drive the car, is it still insured? How does that work, exactly? In most cases, it’s an easy situation, and the answers are right here.

Insuring the Car

Remember, as always, that individual policies will vary, and these general rules won’t always be the case. It’s important to review your policy and make sure you know exactly how it works. If you want some help, feel free to involve your Henderson Insurance Agency representative.

With that said, car insurance is typically for the vehicle rather than the driver. You’ll have to list yourself as a driver on a car you pay to insure, but if you lend it to a friend, the car is still insured. There is an exception. If you lend a car to someone for more than a single trip, then they need to be listed as a driver for the car. Your policy should explain what constitutes a primary or regular driver for the vehicle.

Exceptions for Kids

The concept of regular use extends to dependents. When your kids start driving, they’re likely going to be driving your car and under your insurance. Because they’re driving with regularity, they have to be added to the policy. The bad news is that this will often increase your premiums. The good news is that having your kids listed on the policy extends the protections they receive from your insurance.

If any of this feels complicated or you have questions, talk to your Henderson Insurance Agency. They can help you navigate the rules and laws that apply to Harrisburg residents, and they can explain the nuts and bolts of your policy.

Do You Have Enough Auto Insurance?

Pennsylvania drivers are required to have liability insurance. However, the state minimum coverage may not be enough to meet your needs. At Henderson Insurance Agency in Harrisburg, PA, we understand the importance of the right auto insurance coverage. 

Minimum Coverage

Liability coverage is a requirement in most states, including Pennsylvania. The state minimum requirements include $15,000 bodily liability coverage up to $30,000 per accident and a property damage liability limit of $5,000. 

When you look at the typical costs of an accident, a fatal injury averages out to $1.5 million. A disabling injury averages $80,000. However, these events are rare. Pennsylvania had 1,200 traffic fatalities in 2018. Most car crashes result in more minor injuries and property damage. The average cost of a non-disabling accident is $9,300. It’s important to note that average cost covers a wide range of actual costs, so the potential cost of a car crash is much greater than $9,300.

Opting for minimum coverage amounts results in cheaper premiums, but most accidents will go beyond minimum coverage limits. Consider choosing a higher coverage limit or even selecting the maximum coverage limit.

Comprehensive and Collision

If you have a significant investment in your vehicle, comprehensive and comprehensive coverage is also recommended. You’ll want to select a policy that covers the value of your vehicle. If you owe a loan on the vehicle, you should consider gap insurance as well. This is particularly important if you are upside down on your car loan, meaning you owe more than the vehicle is actually worth. In the event of an accident, collision coverage typically pays the current value of the vehicle. If your loan amount is higher than the value, you are required to pay the difference. Gap insurance covers the gap.

Uninsured and Underinsured Motorists

If an accident is the other party’s fault, your insurance company will expect the other party to cover the damage. What happens if they don’t have insurance or enough insurance to cover the damage? Uninsured and Underinsured motorists mean your insurance company will cover your claim if the other party doesn’t have insurance or has inadequate insurance.

At Henderson Insurance Agency in Harrisburg, PA, we know how important the right auto insurance is for your financial security and peace of mind. Our agents are happy to assist you in selecting the coverage options that meet your needs. 

Why Should I Make Sure My Pennsylvania Auto Insurance Does Not Lapse

Owning a car in the Harrisburg, PA area is a practical necessity for many different people to ensure they are able to get to and from work and other daily responsibilities. While most people know that they need to have auto insurance, some that are covered could make the mistake of allowing their policy to lapse. There are several reasons why you need to make sure that your policy does not lapse. 

Ensures Continued Coverage

The main reason why you want to make sure that your insurance does not lapse is that it will ensure that you have continued coverage. If your policy expires and you do not have it renewed, you will no longer have auto insurance. This means that you will not be in compliance with state laws for liability coverage and you will not have coverage if you get into an accident. 


If you do allow your coverage to lapse, you could end up getting penalized because of it. If you are caught driving without insurance, even if it just lapsed recently, you may end up being charged significant penalties. Further, these penalties and citations can be added to your permanent driving record, which could impact your insurance rates going forward in the future. 

It is clearly very important that you make sure that your insurance stays in place after your policy ends. If you are either looking for a new car, have a policy that is expiring, or simply want to learn more about auto insurance, you should call the Henderson Insurance Agency. The Henderson Insurance Agency has helped many people in the Harrisburg, PA to get into a quality auto insurance policy. This will ensure that you have got it when you need it. 

What Concerns Should I Have When I Sell My Car to Buy a New One?

When selling your car to a private party and buying another car, there are a few considerations that make the transactions safer for you. Failure of the buyer to register the car in their name may cause problems. You may get the blame if the car is involved in an accident, the driver gets a moving violation, or the car gets a parking ticket(s).

If the car is still registered in your name when these things happen, you may find yourself getting into a lot of trouble for things that you had nothing to do with. Even if the new owner pays in full for the car, it is also important to make sure the registration is changed.

Changing Ownership of the Car Being Sold

One way to achieve this is to go together with the buyer to the PA Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and change the registration in person. This may not be convenient if you both cannot go together at the same time.

Another way to deal with this is to double-check that the ownership has been changed and to notify the DMV that the car was sold by you on a certain date. If you file this notice with the DMV, you will remove yourself from any further responsibility that you have for the car, after the date that you notified the DMV that the sale was made.

Insurance Changes

Regarding auto insurance, you want to keep your insurance in place on the car that you sold for a few days longer after the date it was sold. This will give you time to make sure the DMV was given notice of the sale and the ownership was is officially changed in the DMV records. When you are sure that the title is changed, you can cancel your insurance on the car that you sold.

When shopping for another car, work with your agent at Henderson Insurance Agency, serving Harrisburg, PA and the surrounding area, to get a quote for any cars that you are thinking about buying. In that way, you can compare the total cost of owning the other car including what it costs for insurance.

Contact your agent at Henderson Insurance Agency in Harrisburg, PA by calling 717-652-8355 or by using the convenient online form to request a quote for auto insurance.

3 Reasons You Need an Auto Insurance for Your Car

Getting the right type and amount of auto insurance gives you the confidence you need to drive in Harrisburg, PA. Getting car insurance is a legal requirement, and it protects you from financial losses in case your car gets into an accident. Get the help of a reliable insurance agency such as Henderson Insurance Agency to get the right auto insurance depending on your needs. The following are some reasons why auto insurance is important.

To Protect Your Car

Auto insurance protects your car. Collision coverage protects your vehicle if it collides with another car or objects such as fences, and trees. Comprehensive coverage protects your vehicle in case of non-collision risks such as theft, extreme weather conditions, and falling objects. Auto insurance helps you pay for repairs and replacements. Without the insurance, you may be unable to get your car back on the road after an accident.

To Protect Yourself

Auto insurance may help you protect yourself. If you have uninsured/underinsured motorists coverage, you are protecting yourself. Even though the law demands everyone to have the minimum liability coverage, some drivers do not. If you get into an accident with them, they may not be able to compensate you. The insurance cover compensates you. It may also cover you in case of hit and run accidents.

To Avoid Financial Losses

Liability insurance helps to pay for the medical bills of third parties and the costs of repairs and replacements of their vehicles if you are responsible for an accident. It also helps to pay for the legal fees involved. If you do not have liability insurance, you have to pay these charges from your pocket.

Contact Henderson Insurance Agency in Harrisburg, PA to discuss a new quote for your auto insurance.

Does my car insurance cover my motorcycle?

If you own both a vehicle and motorcycle, you may be tempted to believe that your auto insurance will offer coverage when you are involved in an accident while using your motorbike. After all, your auto insurance offers protection if you drive someone else’s car or a rental vehicle, so why wouldn’t it cover you when you use your motorcycle?  This assumption is extremely misplaced and will make you incur more expenses than expected.

Your car insurance doesn’t cover you when you get into an accident on your motorbike

It’s essential to get a separate insurance plan for your motorcycle from an insurance company like Henderson Insurance Agency in Harrisburg, PA. The policy should offer protection for the motorcycle and any rider who may use it. This coverage is essential because it will cover damages to the bike and injuries you may incur after an accident.

Motorcycle insurance offers different coverages compared to car insurance

Even though motorcycle insurance may not be required in some states, this doesn’t mean that it’s not essential. According to statistics, an accident between a motorcycle and a car will likely cause damages and injuries to the motorcycle rider. So, you need a plan that will cover the bike from damages and pay your medical expenses, including the days you will spend away from work while recovering.

Some insurers provide motorcycle endorsements on the regular car insurance policy, but this has to be bought separately. Nevertheless, you need to be careful about these endorsements because they are limited and don’t offer adequate coverage like stand-alone motorcycle insurance policies.

Consider getting a motorcycle policy that provides liability, comprehensive, collision, or medical payment coverages. You can also add other services like gap coverage, towing service, and replacement of personal property.

For more information on motorcycle insurance in Harrisburg, PA, be sure to contact Henderson Insurance Agency.


Personal Auto or Commercial Auto Insurance?

As a small business owner, you may own a personal vehicle that’s used quite a bit for business purposes. If that’s the case, you may need commercial auto insurance protection to safeguard your business in the event of an accident. Your personal auto insurance policy may not cover accidents that occur when using your vehicle for your Harrisburg, PA business. By consulting with an agent from Henderson Insurance Agency, you can get a better understanding of what kind of insurance you need.

When deciding between personal auto and commercial auto insurance, consider the following:  

If your car is registered under the name of your business, you need commercial coverage. Business vehicles are often used more extensively than personal vehicles, making them at greater risk of accidents. Commercial insurance will ensure you have adequate liability and property damage protection to meet your business needs.

If you regularly use your personal vehicle for work purposes, you may need commercial coverage, even if the car is registered in your name. Many small business owners use their personal vehicle to visit clients, transport business supplies or equipment, make deliveries or haul commercial goods. These are some of the criteria for commercial auto coverage.

Personal auto policies provide coverage when using your vehicle for personal use. If you have an accident when using your car for business purposes, your insurer may not honor your claim, leaving you to foot the bills.

Commercial auto insurance offers greater liability coverage to protect business interests in the event of accidents. If you’re using a personal vehicle for business purposes, you’ll need adequate coverage to protect your business from serious accidents and the risk of lawsuits.    

If you’re not sure what kind of car insurance you need, give us a call at Henderson Insurance Agency, Harrisburg, PA. We can help you select the policy best suited to your needs.

In Harrison, PA, What Information Should be Collected After an Accident?

Individuals living in Harrisburg, PA and the nearby communities can talk to the agents of Henderson Insurance Agency to ensure they are able to fully protect themselves after an automobile accident. Being involved in a car accident can be traumatized. During the heat of the moment, the first thing that should be done is to make sure all parties involved are free of injuries. The next step involves calling the police and exchanging important information that will be used to file claims with each party’s insurance company.

After an auto accident has occurred and all parties have been checked for injuries, it is important the police be notified. While you are waiting for the police to arrive, you should talk to the other driver and exchange your insurance information. If you are unsure of the situation, it is fine to wait until the police arrive, but exchanging the information while you are waiting will save everyone time and allow the accident scene to be cleared much faster. Both parties should provide their complete insurance information as well as personal contact information in case they need to be contacted. The police report will contain the majority of information surrounding the accident itself. Your insurance company may want to send an agent to the scene so it is important they be called while you are still there.

The agents at Henderson Insurance Agency serve residents throughout the Harrisburg, PA area. If you have any questions about your insurance policy or what should be done if an accident occurs, the agents encourage you to call their office and discuss your concerns. It is important that you be fully informed as to what your rights and responsibilities are once an accident has occurred. Make sure you have everything you need and know exactly what you should in case of an emergency.

What Are Some Common Auto Insurance Discounts

Auto insurance is a thing that every driver has to have by law and for many, there are discounts that you might be eligible for that you are not utilizing. For those in the Harrisburg, PA area, the agents with Henderson Insurance Agency can help you find out what kind of policy you need and what discounts you may be eligible for.

There are a wide range of policy discounts that you might be missing out on and there are some that are common across the board for most agencies. One is the safe driver discount. This is a discount on your premium for not getting in an accident. The amount that the discount is varies dependent on the actual agency and what they offer.

Another common discount is for having more than one car on your policy. This means that when you insure more than one car on your policy, you may be able to insure the second car for a lesser amount for the same amount of coverage. This is a great discount that most people qualify for, especially those that have more than one driver in the home or that have kids that are old enough to drive.

Some agencies also offer what is called a loyalty discount. This is a discount for holding a policy for a specified amount of time without leaving the agency or switching your insurance provider. Again, this discount is going to be based on the individual company and how much they offer. If you have questions and you live in the Harrisburg, PA area, the agents with Henderson Insurance Agency can help answer your questions and figure out what discounts you are eligible for based on your individual circumstances. You may be able to save more money than you think.  

Keeping a Car Safe from Salt

Citizens of Harrisburg, PA are no strangers to snowstorms. They also know the upcoming winter season will bring plenty of proactive road salt to prevent roads from freezing over. While this salt will keep ice and snow from accumulating too quickly on the roads, the salt can also damage cars. There are some essential tips that every driver must know to prevent their cars from turning to rust on the salt.

The best way to prevent cars from rusting over is to apply a body oil to the car prior to each winter. This oil is called rust proofing spray and will help stave off the rust that salt can cause. Salts, such as road salt, will dissolve in the water and help accelerate this process. Oil and water do not mix. Therefore, this rust proofing spray oil will make sure that water and salt do not combine to cause rust on the car. Most automotive shops are familiar with this rust proofing spray and will be happy to apply the spray and keep the car in good condition.

In addition to the rust proofing spray, consider using something called a sealant. Many sealants are made of wax or other synthetic polymers that form a barrier over the car that prevents damage from salts and other hazards. Sealants do not reach the car’s folds, making them slightly less effective than rust proofing spray. Most automotive shops are familiar with sealants, but the car must be clean prior to sealant application.

Finally, make sure to invest in rubber car mats. These mats will help protect the inside of the car against the road salt that is transferred to the inside of the car from the bottoms of shoes. Many people forget that this salt can damage the car’s interior as well.

For people in Harrisburg, PA, winter is rapidly approaching. Make sure the car is ready for everything the winter season brings.