Keeping your car uncluttered can become a habit

It is easy for a car to get cluttered. You are busy, and you may not think of  bringing that cup in when you get home. A car can get cluttered fast, so the best approach is to get it cleaned up and then have a plan for keeping it clean. While it does take a small amount of effort to keep a car uncluttered, there are advantages. Clutter can become a distraction while driving, and it can make your car lost its value faster as seats and floors get stained. Here are some tips on keeping clutter to a minimum from organizational experts.

  • Throw away those cups or bottles. When you get gas, there is a trash can nearby. Dispose of whatever you can every time you stop your car. If you develop that habit, it will keep clutter down.
  • Always empty your car when you get home. Make a habit of bringing everything in, especially trash.
  • Create a trash container for your car.  A plastic container can become a trash can, or you can just use a plastic bag to store things in. This will keep liquids from staining seats and floors as well.
  • Use an envelope to store receipts and important papers. You can bring that inside the house once a week and file them appropriately. There are also apps to store gas receipts.
  • Bring your own cup. Use a portable cup instead of buying a new one every time you get coffee or soda at a convenience store. You will usually get a discount for having your own container.

Keeping a clean car will make you less stressed and that could help your driving. Come and see the Henderson Insurance Agency for all your automotive insurance needs. Let our professionals find the best policy for you and your family.