5 Important Questions To Ask Your Insurance Company Before Buying Home Insurance

5 Important Questions To Ask Your Insurance Company Before Buying Home Insurance

Home insurance protects a significant investment—your home. For that reason, you may want to have a little chat with your insurance company before settling down on the policy. Purchasing home insurance doesn’t have to be complicated; that’s why Henderson Insurance Agency has compiled a list of questions you should ask before buying home insurance.

Is home insurance mandatory in Harrisburg, PA?

The answer to this question is that ‘it depends’. You are not legally required to have home insurance unless you bought your home through a mortgage. Your lender will require you to carry an equal amount of insurance as your home value to help protect their investment.

How much home insurance do I need?

The amount of home insurance to buy generally depends on various factors such as the age of the house, the location of the house, the number of people living in that house, the construction materials used, and whether you have a swimming pool, trampoline, or home office.

Should I buy separate earthquake or flood insurance?

With so many flooding events across Harrisburg, PA, it’s critical to know whether your policy covers any natural disaster like floods. Most insurance companies recommend buying separate flood insurance as home insurance does not cover floods or any natural disaster.

Do I qualify for any discounts?

Your insurance company should offer different discounts based on the policy you buy. Some companies offer a discount when you bundle your policies like purchasing an auto, home, boat, and umbrella insurance at the same company. Others offer discounts if your home is considered safe—you have installed security systems, alarms, and other safety devices.

Now that floods are not covered, is water damage covered in my policy?

Yes. If floods do not directly cause water damage, you are eligible for compensation or replacement costs. For instance, if your tap or water pipe breaks down and water damages your carpeting, then home insurance should cover the cost of replacing the new carpet.

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