Does homeowners insurance in Harrisburg, PA cover special items like artwork and jewelry?

Harrisburg, PA keeps being named as one of the best places to live, because of its affordable housing, low unemployment, and a wide range of things to do in the area. If you are one of the people taking advantage of property ownership in the area, you already have a homeowner’s insurance policy that protects your home in case anything happens, such as a fire or burglary.

At Henderson Insurance Agency, we understand how confusing your policy may seem. An insurance policy is basically a contract between you and the insurance provider, and it has a lot of details. Some of the language is legal terminology.

Most people understand that insurance protects the house itself, plus any other structures on the property, such as detached garages and sheds. It will also help if you have losses involving your appliances, carpeting, electronics, clothing, and other personal possessions inside your house.

But what about your more valuable items, like artwork, furs or jewelry? Unfortunately, anything you have of greater value will probably not be covered under a standard homeowner’s policy. 

There are limits not just on how much coverage you have but on how that coverage is split up. Most of your limit will go towards the property itself, especially the physical house. If you want to protect special items, it is easy to add that coverage by speaking to your insurance agent.

If you live in Harrisburg, PA and want to speak about adding to or changing your insurance, please call Henderson Insurance Agency today. We can help you choose the option that works best for you.