How Much Commercial Insurance Is Enough for My Small Business?

Owning a small business in Harrisburg, PA, isn’t always easy. There are so many things to manage that sometimes you don’t even want to think about insurance. To help you with that, Henderson Insurance Agency is here to help you deal with a common question: How much insurance does your business need?


For the most part, commercial insurance can be split into two categories: property insurance and liability. Property insurance needs to be sufficient to handle asset losses that can occur. As an example, a business that owns vehicles needs enough property insurance on the vehicles to replace them in the case of an accident. Apply this to all of your assets, and the goal should be to have enough insurance to keep the business alive if a disaster strikes and you take large losses.


Liability is one of the scarier aspects of owning a small business. Even a small accident can leave you liable for damages expensive enough to lose the entire business. While an average liability claim against a small business is around $15,000, it’s likely that you need greater liability coverage than that. In short, your overall liability will be linked to the value of your assets. Liability claims are often awarded based on the value of the business itself, so the value of your assets can inform your liability coverage.

So, how much coverage does your Harrisburg, PA, business need? There are too many variables to put a single number on every business. Instead, you should have a talk with your Henderson Insurance Agency representative. They can help you gauge your assets and how to properly protect your business.