Why Should I Make Sure My Pennsylvania Auto Insurance Does Not Lapse

Owning a car in the Harrisburg, PA area is a practical necessity for many different people to ensure they are able to get to and from work and other daily responsibilities. While most people know that they need to have auto insurance, some that are covered could make the mistake of allowing their policy to lapse. There are several reasons why you need to make sure that your policy does not lapse. 

Ensures Continued Coverage

The main reason why you want to make sure that your insurance does not lapse is that it will ensure that you have continued coverage. If your policy expires and you do not have it renewed, you will no longer have auto insurance. This means that you will not be in compliance with state laws for liability coverage and you will not have coverage if you get into an accident. 


If you do allow your coverage to lapse, you could end up getting penalized because of it. If you are caught driving without insurance, even if it just lapsed recently, you may end up being charged significant penalties. Further, these penalties and citations can be added to your permanent driving record, which could impact your insurance rates going forward in the future. 

It is clearly very important that you make sure that your insurance stays in place after your policy ends. If you are either looking for a new car, have a policy that is expiring, or simply want to learn more about auto insurance, you should call the Henderson Insurance Agency. The Henderson Insurance Agency has helped many people in the Harrisburg, PA to get into a quality auto insurance policy. This will ensure that you have got it when you need it.