Marine Life Damaged My Boat: Does Boat Insurance Cover It?

Marine life can damage your boat in a number of ways. If you hit a large animal unexpectedly, like a manatee, dolphin or shark, there can be dents to your boat or damage to the propellor. Other types of marine life, such as mussels, can attach themselves to different parts of the boat, clogging pipes and engine parts. Here at Henderson Insurance Agency, serving the greater Harrisburg, PA area, we are often asked if these types of incidents are covered by boat insurance. Here is the answer. 

In most cases, boat insurance will not cover your boat if it has been damaged by sea or marine life. The reason for this is that it is your responsibility to look out for marine life while you are boating. It is also your responsibility to thoroughly clean and maintain your boat. By doing both of these things, you should be able to naturally decrease the chances of either of these incidents occurring. 

The exception to the rule is if your boat is being docked in an area where items such as mussels have been shown to be highly invasive. Some insurance companies will sell supplemental insurance policies specifically to cover your boat when it is being docked or used in these invasive waters. If this is the scenario you are facing, contact your preferred insurance company today to discuss supplement insurance availability and getting the cover you need. 

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Does my car insurance cover my motorcycle?

If you own both a vehicle and motorcycle, you may be tempted to believe that your auto insurance will offer coverage when you are involved in an accident while using your motorbike. After all, your auto insurance offers protection if you drive someone else’s car or a rental vehicle, so why wouldn’t it cover you when you use your motorcycle?  This assumption is extremely misplaced and will make you incur more expenses than expected.

Your car insurance doesn’t cover you when you get into an accident on your motorbike

It’s essential to get a separate insurance plan for your motorcycle from an insurance company like Henderson Insurance Agency in Harrisburg, PA. The policy should offer protection for the motorcycle and any rider who may use it. This coverage is essential because it will cover damages to the bike and injuries you may incur after an accident.

Motorcycle insurance offers different coverages compared to car insurance

Even though motorcycle insurance may not be required in some states, this doesn’t mean that it’s not essential. According to statistics, an accident between a motorcycle and a car will likely cause damages and injuries to the motorcycle rider. So, you need a plan that will cover the bike from damages and pay your medical expenses, including the days you will spend away from work while recovering.

Some insurers provide motorcycle endorsements on the regular car insurance policy, but this has to be bought separately. Nevertheless, you need to be careful about these endorsements because they are limited and don’t offer adequate coverage like stand-alone motorcycle insurance policies.

Consider getting a motorcycle policy that provides liability, comprehensive, collision, or medical payment coverages. You can also add other services like gap coverage, towing service, and replacement of personal property.

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