Benefits of Rental Dwelling Insurance

When you decide to rent out your Harrisburg, PA home, you need an insurance policy that will protect you from every possible scenario you may face, including liability claims, damages, theft, loss of income, etc. Rental dwelling insurance treats your property as a business; therefore, it provides extra protection that standard homeowners/renters insurance cannot cover. Since every rental situation is different, Henderson Insurance Agency offers customized rental dwelling insurance policies that suit every client’s needs.
Rental dwelling insurance covers most of the risks covered by the standard home insurance. However, it offers extra liability coverage and caters for loss of income. Some of the benefits of rental dwelling insurance include:
Protecting Your Investment
When you decide to rent your property, you are putting part of your investment in the hands of others. Rental dwelling insurance assures you that your investment is protected from any unknown risks.
Continuous Source of Income
If your tenant breaks the rental agreement and stops paying rent, this policy will ensure you continue receiving rent. It also covers loss of income as you wait for your property to be repaired from a covered loss.
Quick Repairs to your Property
In case of damages from a covered risk, this policy will cater for all the necessary cost of repair/replacement, including all the expenses that you may incur during this process such as additional costs of living.
Flexible Payment Options
You may decide to rent your property either for a short or long period of time. Rental dwelling insurance offers flexible payment options that will fit every budget and need.
You never know what might happen during the time a tenant stays on your property. Talk to an agent at Henderson Insurance Agency to help you understand what risks your Harrisburg, PA property may face. For more information on rental dwelling insurance, contact us today.

Do I Really Need Renters Insurance?

Simply put, yes!  Renters insurance has a low-cost premium, but should something happen, the coverage for your personal possessions can be significant to you.  Most mortgage lenders require homeowners to obtain homeowners insurance to protect their investment in the property should it be damaged or destroyed.  While renters do not have the responsibility for a physical structure where they live, they do have valuables and personal items they need to protect.  Even if your landlord does not require a proof of renter’s insurances, it’s wise to consider obtaining the coverage.  The team at Henderson Insurance Agency works with renters in the Harrisburg, PA area to get quality coverage.  There are a variety of options available, so they will work with you to find the policy that meets your situation.  

While renters’ insurance covers the contents of your apartment, there are additional benefits to retaining appropriate coverage.  For instance, if there is an event where you are unable to stay in your apartment for a time, some policies provide funds to cover hotel and meal expenses until you are able to return.   The policy will cover items that are damaged or destroyed in the apartment, but some policies will go further and provide coverage for the same item if it is damaged outside of the home.  For instance, if your laptop is stolen from the library, it may still be covered under your renters’ insurance policy.  Lastly, personal liability insurance is also available through a renters’ insurance policy.  This covers any damages or injuries to another person who is visiting your apartment.  

The agents at Henderson Insurance Agency know the wide variety of renters’ insurance policies available in the marketplace today.  They work with renters in the Harrisburg, PA area to get the best coverage.  Call today!