Why you absolutely need optometrist insurance

Even the seasoned optometrist cannot go without general liability insurance for his business. In fact, the law requires doctors to obtain malpractice insurance that protects their personal assets in the instance of a patient filing suit for damages. A malpractice indemnity plan also opens the door for credentialing related to medical and vision plans. 

Since there are so many benefits associated with protection, and because the law requires it, you should not attempt to operate your office without a good assurance policy in Harrisburg, PA. Henderson Insurance Agency can help you find the optometrist indemnity policy that works well for your business.

What exactly does malpractice insurance do?

Malpractice insurance for your optometrist office in Harrisburg, PA keeps your personal assets secure when accidents happen at work and you are sued for liability. The policy will pay an unhappy patient if he wins a lawsuit against your practice. You only need to make a claim with your guarantor to have the financial burden lifted off your shoulders. 

Benefits of Optometrist Insurance

Many do not know that an optometrist indemnity plan typically costs less than other forms of insurance. A family practice doctor pays much more for malpractice insurance than an optometrist will ever put out every month for coverage. Further discounts may be given to those who are fresh out of school. 

The key to finding the right insurance company for your situation is to do a bit of research about the carrier. Henderson Insurance Agency has assisted dozens of business owners with indemnity policies to satisfy their needs. Don’t accept a cookie-cutter insurance plan that does not provide all of the protection you need. Call us today for a consultation!

Garage Liability for Automobile Dealerships

Insurance coverage for auto dealerships can be tricky. Your inventory, property, and employees all need various types of protection. Sometimes, an accident can occur that triggers multiple policies. This can limit payouts and potentially leave lot owners paying out their pockets for repairs and other liabilities. If your auto sales lot is in the Harrisburg, PA area, Henderson Insurance Agency can help you protect most of your operation with a garage liability policy.

What is Garage Liability Insurance?

Garage liability insurance is designed to protect dealership owners from accidents and damage sustained to cars that are parked in their lot. If your cars are damaged by vandals, acts of nature, or other covered circumstances, this policy will pay for repairs or replacement. These policies also cover bodily damage that might occur in your garage. For example, an electrical fire engulfs your garage. In the course of attempting to put out the fire, one of your employees manages to burn himself. The resulting fire damages several vehicles and parts of the building before it is extinguished. Your garage liability insurance would help pay for your employee’s medical bills,  It will also help pay for replacement inventory and repairs to your building.

Why Do I Need Garage Liability Insurance?

As a responsible business owner, you already have several insurance policies in place. However, these policies may not be enough to fully cover your losses. If a catastrophic event took your entire inventory and destroyed your property, would the payouts from your current policies be enough to pay off your existing debts and start over from scratch? Garage liability insurance guarantees you will always be able to rebuild your business, no matter what life throws your way.

Garage liability insurance also protects your personal wealth. If you are found liable for an accident or injury and ordered to pay a judgment, you could be personally responsible for any amounts your existing policies don’t cover. Garage liability insurance is an extra layer of protection against the unknown.

Find out more about how garage liability insurance can protect your dealership. Contact the experts at Henderson Insurance Agency. We proudly serve the insurance needs of property and business owners all around the Harrisburg, PA area.