What Condo Insurance Covers

Even though your Harrisburg, PA condominium’s housing association has their own insurance, it doesn’t cover all aspects of your condo. You could find yourself having to replace your possessions out of pocket if something should happen to them. Or even worse, you could find yourself owing the association for an event that happened as a result of something you did or your negligence. That’s where Henderson Insurance Agency can help.   

1. Your Property  

Unless an incident happens that was the association’s fault or that the association covers, all of your possessions inside of your condo are at risk. To protect your possessions, you need condo insurance. You should assess the values of what you own–taking depreciation into consideration–of your property to determine how much you need.  

2. Liability Claims 

If somebody gets injured on your property, you’re at fault. You need condo insurance that will cover in the event somebody gets hurt and can’t work, needs medical attention or is in serious pain and discomfort. By having liability coverage, these expenses are taken care of, so the person can’t personally sue you. Liability insurance also covers if you should happen to damage another person’s property.  

3. Damage You Do 

You might accidentally put a hammer through the wall of your condo when you’re hanging up a picture frame. By having condo insurance from a Harrisburg, PA insurance company, you’ll be able to fix the damage, so your property looks as it originally did. This is especially vital if you should happen to move because anything you do damage harms the value of your home, and the housing association may require you to keep your condo looking a certain way. 

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The Top 5 Reasons You Need Renter’s Insurance

If you are renting a home or an apartment, you should not assume your belongings would be covered if there happens to be a fire or some other type of disaster. A 2014 Insurance Information Institute poll revealed that only 37% of renters had renter’s insurance at the time the poll was conducted. One of the main reasons so many people fail to purchase rental insurance is because they assume their property is covered by the owner’s insurance. The fact is that the property owner’s insurance will cover the loss of their property, meaning the structure itself. There are no provisions to protect the belongings of renters. Not having rental insurance can be costly for a number of reasons. Here are the top five reasons you need renter’s insurance.

It Protects You from Liability

You can’t predict when an accident will happen. A standard renter’s insurance policy from a Harrisburg, PA, Henderson Insurance Agency includes liability coverage. This is extremely valuable to renters because it provides protection from any injury sustained by a visitor in the home. A renter’s policy would cover the legal expenses and any judgments rendered by the court totaling up to the limit of the policy.

Covers the Loss of Personal Property

A renter’s policy will protect you should you lose personal property such as furniture, clothing, computers, electronics, jewelry, and luggage. There are a number of ways in which your property could be damaged or lost. Most people generally think of disasters like fires or floods when they think of ways their property could be destroyed, however, there are numerous ways property could be lost including but not limited to:

·         Riots

·         Theft

·         Explosions

·         Falling debris

·         Wind Storms like tornados or hurricanes

·         Vandalism

·         Damage caused by aircraft or vehicles

Protection While You Travel

One of the little-known benefits of owning a renter’s policy is the protection is offered when you are traveling. Whether you are in your car, in your home or traveling anywhere in the world, your belongings are covered. If you are someone who is required to travel for work, a renter’s policy could provide you with the piece pf mind you need if the airlines damage or lose your luggage.

Unforeseen Living Expenses

In today’s economy, the average person can’t afford to spend thousands of dollars to live in a hotel should there be a destructive incident in their home. A policy from a Harrisburg, PA, Henderson Insurance Agency would help you pay for expenses incurred should your home become uninhabitable due to a covered incident. Most renter’s policies will provide coverage totaling 20 percent of the policy.

Identity Theft Protection

Identity theft is on the rise. Many renter’s insurance policies include identity theft coverage. There are, however, other insurers who offer it as an addition to their policies. The identify theft coverage benefit would entitle you to receive assistance from your insurer to help restore your identity. Most policies will provide recovery assistance for a year.