Keeping Your Future Safe: How Home Insurance Is a Safety Net

Home insurance in Harrisburg, PA isn’t the most popular of conversation topics, but that doesn’t mean that people shouldn’t be talking about it. Too many homeowners simply don’t understand that they have insufficient coverage, and the time to discover this fact is not what a natural disaster occurs. Home insurance is what allows you to keep your legacy, as well as your property safe during what can only be described as the worst of times. Henderson Insurance Agency is here to tell you more about how this safety net should be cherished. 

A Way Out 

Home insurance is what gives you a way out of a hopeless situation. Let’s say a flood hits, and the very foundation of your home is damaged (not to mention what’s inside your basement or first floor.) When you’re staring at the consequences of Mother Nature, it’s a priceless feeling to know that you have someone to call so you can get your life back on track. 

Keeping Your Investment 

A home is typically the most expensive purchase you will ever make in your life, and even if that home was given to you, you still want to make sure that you keep it safe from harm. It is already emotionally devastating to have anything happen to an investment that you likely take a lot of pride in, and home insurance is often the only way that you can keep that investment alive. Declaring bankruptcy often means giving up much of what you own to pay everything off, and it can cripple any homeowner to the point of insolvency. 

Henderson Insurance Agency has the staff that can help you understand more about the many benefits of home insurance, so give us a call if you’re looking for answers. We can get you a quote and tell you more about how we help those in Harrisburg, PA keep it all under control. 


Keeping a Car Safe from Salt

Citizens of Harrisburg, PA are no strangers to snowstorms. They also know the upcoming winter season will bring plenty of proactive road salt to prevent roads from freezing over. While this salt will keep ice and snow from accumulating too quickly on the roads, the salt can also damage cars. There are some essential tips that every driver must know to prevent their cars from turning to rust on the salt.

The best way to prevent cars from rusting over is to apply a body oil to the car prior to each winter. This oil is called rust proofing spray and will help stave off the rust that salt can cause. Salts, such as road salt, will dissolve in the water and help accelerate this process. Oil and water do not mix. Therefore, this rust proofing spray oil will make sure that water and salt do not combine to cause rust on the car. Most automotive shops are familiar with this rust proofing spray and will be happy to apply the spray and keep the car in good condition.

In addition to the rust proofing spray, consider using something called a sealant. Many sealants are made of wax or other synthetic polymers that form a barrier over the car that prevents damage from salts and other hazards. Sealants do not reach the car’s folds, making them slightly less effective than rust proofing spray. Most automotive shops are familiar with sealants, but the car must be clean prior to sealant application.

Finally, make sure to invest in rubber car mats. These mats will help protect the inside of the car against the road salt that is transferred to the inside of the car from the bottoms of shoes. Many people forget that this salt can damage the car’s interior as well.

For people in Harrisburg, PA, winter is rapidly approaching. Make sure the car is ready for everything the winter season brings.