Need a Harrisburg, PA home insurance quote? Get the right agent

When you have a home in a great place like Harrisburg, PA, you want to protect that house and your investment. The best way to do that is through the right home insurance policy from the Henderson Insurance Agency. When you have the right policy you have peace of mind, because you know your home is financially protected and that you haven’t overpaid for that coverage. In order to get that, you don’t want to choose just any policy. It’s a much better idea to select a home insurance policy from a trusted agent who can give you a lot of options.

By selecting an independent agent you’ll have the opportunity to get policy quotes from several different companies. That way you can compare prices, and you can also take a careful look at what you’ll be getting for the money. Any good home insurance policy is not just about the cost, but about the actual value. The more you get for a lower premium, the more you can cover your house the right way even on a budget. That’s good news for any Harrisburg, PA homeowner who wants to make sure their house has the maximum level of protection for a great price.

The Henderson Insurance Agency can provide you with help from a knowledgeable agent who will make sure that you get what you need to protect your home the right way. As your needs change and you want to make adjustments to your policy, your agent will be there to help you every step of the way. That’s the personalized service you get from an independent agent who can show you quotes and information from a lot of different companies so you always have the best home insurance options available to you.


How an Umbrella Insurance Policy Can Bring You Peace of Mind

Many people need insurance for a variety of reasons based on their current liability risks.  Some have received insurance policies based on previous liability estimates, only to find that there are still areas that are exposed due to insurance coverage limits.  As a result, they are not fully protected under their current insurance policies.  Henderson Insurance Agency understands these gaps in coverage and highly recommends the use of an umbrella insurance policy for that added protection and peace of mind.

An umbrella insurance policy can add additional protection from liability risks that go over and above the initial liability limits that are associated with basic standardized insurance policies. This is good for customers because no one can predict the costs incurred from unforeseen damages.

If you are a resident of Harrisburg, PA or operate a business in the area, you likely have insurance policies in place that have certain limits.  Henderson Insurance Agency can evaluate your current insurance policies, and because of their years of experience and expertise in the insurance industry, can point out areas that will likely need additional coverage based on your daily activities and projected increases in repair cost estimates. This includes insurance for personal coverage, such as homeowner’s and automobile insurance, as well as an evaluation of business related insurance, such as current worker’s comp insurance, commercial vehicle insurance, insurance for other assets, as well as other insurances that business owners may have. 

Henderson Insurance Agency works within the confines of the insurance laws and regulations set forth by the State of Pennsylvania. So basically, when you use our services, you will be purchasing an umbrella insurance policy that will kick in when your traditional liability coverage exceeds its limits based on state laws.  For more information and peace of mind, please contact us online.