Using Cleaning Supplies for Other Common Household Tasks

All of us have had time in our lives when we were in a bind and used our creativity to get us out of a bad situation. Let’s be honest, the more tricks you have up your sleeve to get things done around the house, the better. Here are a few hacks to use for cleaning supplies so you can get your money’s worth out of them. 

Dish Soap Is a Double Agent 

It really is when you think about it. The same stuff that works on your plates and pans can be used to get grease off of concrete garage floors so you oil spills are no more. Some people actually combine a tablespoon of it with a gallon of white vinegar and a cup of salt to kill sidewalk weeds that never seem to die. Or if you don’t want to spend money on ice packs, you can also freeze the liquid in a bag for a makeshift ice pack which will last. 

Window Washing Fluid In the House 

Got a few ants or spiders who have chosen to make your home their own? Try using window washing fluid to soak them up and disinfect the areas where they live. You can actually use this as a stain eliminator too if you spill some food on the couch before it sets. 

The Kitchen and The Bathroom 

Oven cleaner can actually work on a bathtub to get the stains out and leave your tub clean again. Just ensure you only use it on the white, porcelain kinds!

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Making Updating Your Insurance Easier

Updating your insurance in Harrisburg, PA can seem like a chore. However, there are ways to make it a lot easier. As long as you have your policy numbers and know what you want to change, it can take a few minutes.

Home Insurance

Home insurance is likely something that your mortgage company is going to tell you about when it needs to be updated. However, you can stay on top of things by making sure that you are getting the best possible deal and have the necessary level of coverage in place. If you make additions to your home, such as adding a pool, you want to make sure it is covered. Additionally, if you have any kind of safety features, such as a burglar alarm, you want to make it known because you may qualify for a discount.

Auto Insurance

With auto insurance, you want to have the VIN number and know about all of the car’s safety features. Additionally, if you have been involved in an accident, you may want to look at how to increase coverage so that you can minimize any money spent out-of-pocket. Also, if there are DMV issues, have them resolved or know about any kinds of case numbers.

Business Insurance

One of the main things that business insurance is to take a look at how your business may have grown over the past year. This may require you to add some coverage so that you are sufficiently protected. If you have company cars, you also want to know what the VIN numbers are and have the driver’s license numbers for any employees who will be using those vehicles.

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