Pennsylvania Fall Home Checklist

When you live in Pennsylvania, you know that the fall months are when the leaves start to change and the weather starts to get a little chilly. There are some things that you can do around your home to prep for the change in weather – and prepare your home for the snow that will inevitably fall during the winter.

The checklist is something that will help you get started, and depending upon the things that are in and around your home, there may be other things that you want to add to the list as well.

  • Weather strip around doors and windows to keep out the cold air
  • Reverse fans throughout your home to bring warm air down
  • Replace batteries throughout all of the smoke detectors in your home
  • Have the heater inspected by professionals to ensure it is working properly
  • Clean the chimney with the help of a licensed chimney sweep to remove the risk of chimney fires
  • Clean the gutter so that they are clean for when rain and ice come
  • Have the roof inspected so that any loose or missing shingles can be replaced/fixed before rain, snow, and wind arrive
  • Fill and seal any cracks within your driveway and walkways so that the cold air does not split them open wider

The cold weather and all of the snow can pose problems for your home. The best way to protect it is by following a simple checklist – and you can choose to do as much or as little of it on your own. There are always professionals willing to help.

At Henderson Insurance Agency we look forward to helping you protect your home in Harrisburg. Call today and let us begin searching for quotes from top insurance companies around Pennsylvania as well as answering questions that you may have about coverage.




3 Safety Tips for Garage Sales

Having a garage sale is fun as you get to meet people, get rid of stuff. and make money. Occasionally though, there is an accident at a garage sale that detracts from the fun. If you’re planning on having a garage sale in Harrisburg, PA soon, we at Henderson Insurance Agency have some tips for keeping your garage sale safe for everyone.

Make Sure Your Sale is Safe

You don’t need to go grab caution tape to keep your garage sale safe. Just using some common sense when setting it up will minimize the chances of someone getting hurt. For instance, you can:

  • make sure any indoor area where you’re selling items is well lit so people can see
  • keep everything on tables to reduce the likelihood that someone trips over a box or item
  • place sharp objects, such as knives, out of the reach of children

These might seem basic, but taking simple steps like these will significantly reduce the chances of there being an accident at your sale.

Make Sure You’re Insured

You should also make sure you’re insured if there is an accident. After all, accidents happen even when every safety precaution is heeded. If there’s an accident at your garage sale and someone is seriously hurt, you may be held financially responsible. Depending on the incident and your homeowners insurance policy, though, your insurer may protect you.

If you live in Harrisburg, PA and would like help checking your insurance policy, feel free to contact us. You can reach our agents through our website, and they’d be happy to review your homeowners insurance to see what types of accidents it provides coverage for. If you don’t have coverage for accidents, our agents can also help you find a policy that will protect you. Contact them today, so they can help you before your sale starts.