Don’t Risk It! 3 Things to Know About Renters Insurance

Are you taking on unnecessary financial risk by not having a renters insurance policy in place? Each year, thousands of people who rent an apartment, condo, townhome, or house are putting themselves at risk for a significant financial loss by not having coverage in place ahead of time. Here are three things you really need to know about renters insurance.

#1: Your Landlord Isn’t Responsible for Your Belongings

What would you do if a fire or break-in suddenly left you with nothing? Would you contact your landlord and expect their policy to cover your belongings? The truth of the matter is that the person or company you rent from is not responsible for your stuff. Many tenants make this mistake each year and fail to get appropriate insurance coverage—leaving them to pay out of pocket to replace everything they own in the event of an unexpected situation. This is why many landlords and property management companies are now requiring you to have renters insurance coverage before they will even hand you keys to your new place.

#2: Renters Insurance Covers More Than Just Your Stuff

Another important fact to know about renters insurance is that it covers more than just your personal belongings. Most basic policies come with a section for liability to protect you against a claim where someone is injured while visiting your home or at the direct result of your actions. This can be as complicated as a delivery person slipping on a rug and breaking a bone or as simple as your child breaking a neighbor’s window with a toy. Even situations where your pet bites or hurts someone would be covered under your policy. Without a renters policy, you could be liable for paying medical or repair bills on your own.

#3: Premiums for Renters Insurance Are Quite Affordable

One common misconception about renters insurance is that it is expensive. Policy premiums nationwide for this type of coverage usually range between one hundred and two hundred dollars per year. (Broken up into payments, this is only a few dollars per month.) In addition, some landlords and even your auto insurance coverage might offer a special discount just for having a renters policy in force.

Now that you understand a bit more about renters insurance coverage, it is time to purchase a policy for yourself. For a no-obligation quote or more information, please contact our team at Henderson Insurance Agency today.

Drive Longer With These Tips To Extend Car Life

Whenever you buy a car, the goal should be to drive it longer. It’s not uncommon for cars to last way beyond the 100,000 mile mark these days. Technology is a wonderful thing, though there are tips that you can follow to extend the car life even further.

As you drive throughout Harrisburg and beyond, you want to make sure that you are not accelerating radically. Quick braking can also be a problem. Drive as smooth as you can down the road and you will be rewarded by better fuel consumption. You will also reduce the risk of having to change your brake pads sooner than they need to be.

Check the PSI within your tires on a weekly basis. As the weather changes, the tire pressure can change as well. Many people are driving around Pennsylvania with pressure that is lower than it should be – and this is when flat tires and other issues can occur.

Some of the other tips you can follow include:

  • Get an oil change as determined by your owner’s manual
  • Clear out excess weight in your trunk
  • Scheduled tune-ups as needed

Even running the A/C has an impact on your car and how you can extend the life. The air conditioning is powered by the engine and therefore if your A/C is running constantly, it’s going to have a negative impact on your engine. Performance is everything, so focus on ways you can turn the air conditioning off from time to time, such as parking in the shade.

The Henderson Insurance Agency is committed to helping you in all areas of your life. Having a comprehensive insurance policy in Harrisburg is important and we are ready to help. Call today and let us begin searching for quotes for you.